January Jones Looks Gorgeous In A Red Zip-Up

January Jones stuns in this skin-tight, unbuttoned top.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

January Jones should change her name to July because she looks hotter than a summer day in a red zip-up shirt zipped down to her belly button and a black pair of tight jeans. The Mad Men star posted an absolute thirst trap to Instagram yesterday, captioned, “Your new @laclippers referee, brb gotta go get my whistle.” The actress wore nothing beneath the shirt and pointed her cleavage at the camera while staring vacantly into the distance.

Maybe she’s practicing watching the Clippers play from the floor. Basketball refs give out penalties for traveling, but January Jones, if she actually showed up on the court dressed like she is on Instagram, would be the first to blow the whistle for excessive staring.

The 45-year-old looks at least ten years younger in the pic, if not more. Her flawless, wrinkle-free skin and perky…demeanor make it hard to believe the Spinning Out star has been on this earth for almost half a century. It’s clear from the above picture as well as all the others on her Instagram, that January Jones takes great pride in her appearance–as well she should!

While Instagram is a great platform for showing off some of January’s talents, her other abilities are better observed on a television or movie screen. Jones unsurprisingly started off as a model at the tender age of 18 before moving on to acting. According to the star’s IMDb, she’s racked up over 32 acting credits to her name in the 23 years since she first took up acting.

The actress had parts in 2003’s American Wedding and Love Actually, as well as the 2006 football drama, We Are Marshall. January Jones also starred as sexy mutant Emma Frost in the Marvel prequel X-Men: First Class. Frost, a character notorious for walking around in lingerie most of the time, proved to be a particularly good fit for Jones’ specific talents.

Of course, it was the modern television classic Mad Men that really put January Jones on the map. Jones starred as Betty, the long-suffering wife of Jon Hamm‘s infamous advertiser Don Draper in the AMC drama. Jones played the 1960s housewife for 92 episodes across seven seasons of Mad Men alongside Hamm and costars Elizabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, and fellow Marvel alum Howard Stark actor John Slattery.

january jones

Aside from acting and posting provocative pictures on social media, January Jones also does a good bit of charity work. The actress joined the marine conservation group Oceana as a celebrity spokesperson in 2009. Jones worked with Oceana to save endangered sharks from extinction by educating the Jaws-fearing public about just how important sharks are to nature.

Despite dating several of her fellow celebrities over the years, like Ashton Kutcher, Josh Groban, and even Canadian funny boy Jim Carrey, January Jones has never been married. She has one son, Xander, who was born in 2011. Jones has never publicly disclosed who Xander’s father is, preferring, unlike many celebs, to actually keep her private life private.

Fans can see more sexy pics like the one above on January’s Instagram, where she regularly posts steamy selfies.