See January Jones Take A Selfie In A Bubble Bath

January Jones again shared a photo of herself to social media enjoying her time in a bubble bath.

By Phillip Moyer | Published

january jones

January Jones is in a bath. Again. The actress who played Betty Draper on Mad Men apparently loves bathing about as much as she loves posting about it on Instagram. 

It’s more prolific than you’d think. January Jones has posted 10 photos of herself in the bath on Instagram — 11 if you count a photo of just her knees while she photographed the Easter brioche she was eating. That’s on top of many other photos she’s taken of herself in her bathroom, showing off her outfit, or sometimes her lack thereof.

The 45-year-old X-Men: First Class actress had little explanation for her latest photo beyond one word: “flushed.” She does look a little bit red, though it’s not terribly noticeable. There’s no explanation of why January Jones is flushed, of course, though it could be because of anger, excitement, or simply being a little bit sick. 

If it’s exciting, it could have something to do with her upcoming film, God is a Bullet — the first film she’s been in since the 2014 drama Good Kill, in which she plays the wife of an Air Force Officer who has to watch as stressful drone-flying assignments take their toll on his sobriety and mental health.

The upcoming film is about a detective whose ex-wife is murdered and whose daughter is kidnapped by a satanic cult. It’s unclear what January Jones’ exact role is, save for her name being Maureen Bacon and a publicity still showing her holding a gun. The movie was filmed in Mexico back in 2021, but does not yet have an official release date — though it’s currently set to release sometime this year.

january jones
January Jones in Mad Men

Like January Jones, the film’s writer/director Nick Cassavetes hasn’t written or directed a film since 2014’s The Other Woman — a movie about a wife and two mistresses teaming up to take revenge on the man who has been sleeping with all three of them. Despite being out of practice (and primarily being an actor), Cassavetes has a pretty decent resume according to IMDB, having directed the 2002 Denzel Washington film John Q and the 2004 romance The Notebook, among other things.

January Jones has a pretty impressive resume herself. After Mad Men ended its seven-season run in 2015, Jones has been featured in several other TV series, including The Last Man on EarthThe Politician, and Spinning Out. However, Netflix canceled Spinning Out after just one season and hasn’t appeared in any shows or movies since then.

It remains to be seen whether God is a Bullet will make any sort of splash in the film world it’s being produced by Patriot Pictures, a smaller production company that has only produced little-known films such as 2016’s I am Wrath and 2017’s Hangman

Even if God is a Bullet goes nowhere, January Jones does have one more project underway: a film called The Helpers, which is about a dark unearthly figure who visits a child and shows him a vision about his future kidnapping. Jones is currently the only cast member officially attached to the film.