See January Jones In A Sexy, X-Men-Esque Dress

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

january jones

January Jones took to social media to show off a fabulous, Marvel-worthy dress that would suit her X-Men character Emma Frost perfectly. In a set of pictures posted to her popular Instagram account, the Mad Men star posed in a long-skirted, high-necked designer gown that still managed to show off her amazing figure. According to a cryptic statement in the post’s caption, January Jones seems to have been wearing this dress for some kind of party with Charlize Theron, which sounds like it would be fun for just about anyone. 

The first picture in January Jones’s post shows the actress in a close-up, with a shot of the dress’s rear in the mirror beside her. Jones’s face is dramatically made up, with her vivid red lips and long dark eyelashes contrasting with her pale skin and blonde hair. The dress itself is zipped up tight to her neck but really cannot hide anything. 

As indicated by January Jones’s tags, the dress is by famed fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who first made his name by mixing haute couture design with risky, edgy elements. Fittingly, this bizarre yet beautiful dress is a mixture of the classics while retaining an oddly appealing ugliness. January Jones’s figure is covered in a variety of symmetrical dots that range from neon blue to dusty red to black; even more daringly, the gown features a graphic of a yellow bikini where it would fit on the actress’s body. 

january jones

In short, it is a pretty odd dress, but January Jones wears it as well as anyone ever could. According to the caption of the post, Jones is showing off the gown for a “Carnival themed holiday party” being thrown by Charlize Theron; the X-Men: First Class actress also wonders whether this particular outfit counts as overdressed or underdressed, but we are very certain no one at the party had any complaints about her. 

It is unclear whether January Jones meant the party was Carnival-themed in the sense of Carnival Cruise Line, the Florida-based company known for their international entertainment pleasure cruises (as well as a seemingly never-ending series of lawsuits and maritime incidents). Jones might also have meant that the party was themed around the Catholic holiday of Carnival, but we will probably have to use Occam’s Razor here and assume that the bikini graphic represents ocean cruises.

Although Marvel Studios has seemingly been attempting to recruit pretty much everyone who has ever appeared in a Marvel-related movie to come back for the upcoming Avengers: Secret Wars event, there has been no word yet whether January Jones will reprise her role as Emma Frost. Though the character has only appeared in one movie to date (2011’s X-Men: First Class), she has become an important character in Marvel Comics’ mutant mythos, being portrayed as both a villain and a hero in different storylines.

If January Jones does show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she could hardly be wearing a more comic book-like dress than on social media. We’re glad to see it.