How Old Is Kevin Costner? Yellowstone Star’s Career Has Spanned Decades

Kevin Costner was born on January 18, 1955. That makes his current age 67-years-old.

By David Harrison | Published

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It would be easy to think that Kevin Costner has been around Hollywood “forever” in the sense that it’s been many decades since he first took to the big screen. And he’s been part of so many iconic performances over the course of his many years, that thinking about how old is Kevin Costner would almost feel like the answer was “ageless”.

Heck, even now, many (many) years after he first hit the scene, the guy has one of the biggest television series out there, a program about a ranching family that’s captured the hearts and minds of viewers of all kinds.

Thinking about how old is Kevin Costner as his age, or even his net worth at this point is seemingly part of a bigger question about his career and all that he’s accomplished. There have been award-winning turns, hit movies, timeless performances, and much more over the years. In this way, Kevin Costner almost defies age and he’s accumulated a net worth that’s in line with the hits he’s put out over the decades. Let’s dive into some of the more pressing information about the Yellowstone star and learn everything we need to know about Kevin Costner.


kevin costner

Kevin Costner was born on January 18. 1955. That makes him 67-years-old. It’s the perfect age for a cattle rancher living in Montana with the rest of his family. Because that’s exactly who Kevin Costner is playing these days on Paramount+. His series Yellowstone has become one of the truly surprising television and streaming hits in recent memory, growing its audience steadily over the years.

Taking advantage of the ability to continually pull in audiences through the Paramount+ app, the show has seen significant increases in viewership. In fact, the Yellowstone Season 4 finale drew more than nine million viewers for Paramount, making it one of the most-watched series episodes in some time. Again, this is a cultural hit for Kevin Costner and company. 


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Kevin Costner came into acting at a later age than most, thinking he’d like to try a career on screen well into his 20s. He had already graduated from college and was even married, about to start a full-time job in the field of marketing. But he also had the acting itch and decided to take acting classes on the side.

For many, this isn’t the typical path to stardom in Hollywood, considering that, unlike Kevin Costner, folks at a younger age in school typically begin acting in plays or other performances to build up some reps. It wasn’t the case with Costner at all, and this felt more like a side hustle/ hobby than it did a chance at a full-fledged career. You wouldn’t know it by looking at Kevin Costner’s net worth now, but this was a guy headed in a decidedly different direction.

His first credited acting gig was in 1978 in Sizzle Beach and at the time Kevin Costner was 23 years old. If you’ve never heard of the film, no worries, neither has anyone else really. It didn’t release until years later and has been mostly buried in movie history. There would be minor roles after that before the big breaks came.


Kevin Costner was 32 when things really started looking up for his career. Again, in terms of typical Hollywood trajectories, this is something of late-bloomer status. It isn’t often that leading men seemingly come out of nowhere to just start starring in all kinds of movies, but for the time period, he hit on a couple of well-placed scripts that really launched him into the stratosphere. There was The Untouchables and No Way Out in 1987 put him on the map with standout performances in each. 

But Kevin Costner at age 33 and 34, that’s the time period when the film star really entered the household conversation, and it was all around baseball. In 1988 and 1989 he had back-to-back films that dealt with the sport though in decidedly different ways. First was Bull Durham in which he played Crash Davis, an aging catcher still hanging on in the minors.

And then there was 1989s Field of Dreams which had his Ray Kinsella character plowing over his corn crop to make a baseball stadium that would bring Shoeless Joe Jackson back from the dead. Both were star performances and have become iconic in their own right.

Over the next few decades, Kevin Costner really never seemed to show his age, starring in all manner of films along the way. And Kevin Costner would grow that net worth considerably during this time as well. But as far as the awards circuit is concerned, well those might not have come with the frequency one might expect, at least on the movie side.

In fact, throughout his career, Kevin Costner has been nominated for an Academy Award just once with Dances With Wolves. It won for Best Picture and he won for Best Director, though lost out on Best Actor to Jeremy Irons in Claus von Bulow. 


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Kevin Costner didn’t just strike critical and cultural gold when he decided to star in Yellowstone. He hit the jackpot in terms of earnings as well. It’s been reported that for his role as John Dutton, Kevin Costner has grown his net worth considerably and is earning somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 per episode.

That was for Season 4 of the series which concluded at the beginning of January. It only takes some easy back-of-the-napkin math to figure out that Kevin Costner earned somewhere in the area of $5 million dollars for that season (10 episodes).

But, of course, Kevin Costner’s net worth goes well beyond Yellowstone at his age, and considering all that he’s been part of over the years, the number is much, much higher than this. It’s suspected that Kevin Costner’s net worth is somewhere in the ballpark of $250 million dollars.


At Kevin Costner’s age, do you think this guy is slowing down at all? Of course not. And he’s got something else on the horizon for his career. That would be in the form of, well, Horizon, the next movie up for the acclaimed actor. For this one, Costner is headed back to the West in a film he’s also directing.

According to early descriptions, Horizon will tell the tale of generations of families over more than a decade in a post-Civil War timeline as they navigate the Western expansion? Sound familiar? Well, it should because some of Kevin Costner’s best works have come around this theme.

And it looks like his time on Yellowstone is coming to an end. There had been much speculation that contract demands, timing and other issues had come between him and series creator Taylor Sheridan. Now, it appears the Costner and the main series will call it quits after one more season.