Yellowstone Season 5: All We Know

By James Brizuela | 2 weeks ago

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Yellowstone Season 4 has come to an end, and it has likely left plenty of fans wondering what might be happening next in Yellowstone Season 5. The main question is, will there be another season? Well, that is certainly going to be the case and production on the new season is allegedly set to start in May, 2022. That should or could mean that the new season of the show could release sometime in late 2022 or early 2023, barring any setbacks with shooting.

Here’s everything we know so far about Kevin Costner’s next season on the hit Paramount Network show.

Looking Back At Yellowstone Season 4

As you can see from the above trailer from Yellowstone Season 4, it looked just as chaotic as the actual season was, albeit with a bit of a slower ending in comparison to its preceding seasons. However, there was plenty that happened, leaving fans wondering what is going to happen in Yellowstone Season 5. The makings of a good show are always endings that leave a multitude of questions, but no answers. This must be why this show has been talked about by everyone, and why a spin-off (1883) already exists. However, now it’s time to get into what might be happening in the next season.

Let’s get right into the ending of Yellowstone Season 4. Jaime killed his biological father. Yes, that is a crazy development. Even though many people had not truly known about Garrett, what will that mean for Jaime and his bid to become governor? No one saw him kill the man, except for Beth. She took a picture of this happening as well, so what are her aims with snapping a pic of this event? Blackmail is the obvious answer, but there could be some more nefarious purposes for her convincing Jaime to kill Garrett, and then taking a pic of her own doing. Beth could use this as a bargaining chip in allowing her father to make his run for governor, which might be the basis for Yellowstone Season 5.

Yellowstone Season 5 Predictions

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Will John Dutton (Kevin Costner) now be in the running for governor of Montana? It sure sounds as if this crucial plot point is going to be explored more heavily in Yellowstone Season 5. Especially considering that Beth now has proof of a murder that could tip the scales in favor of John. John did accept Governor Perry’s bid for him to become the next governor, but he then recruited Beth to help him find a way out of that mess. He only agreed to such a ridiculous offer to keep Jaime from becoming governor. However, will he be put in a place that won’t allow him to back out of that bid? That sure sounds like what might be happening. Governor John Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5.

What will happen between Beth and Jaime? Both have now done unspeakable things to one another. Jaime essentially sterilized Beth, and Beth convinced Jaime to kill his biological father. With all of that hanging over both of their heads, it sounds as if neither of them will even be able to remain in the same room with one another. That’s to say, if they are in the same room, it might be to try and kill one another. Only, it seems Beth has the upper hand given Jaime has killed someone, and she now has proof of this. Jaime might be stuck in a bad place come Yellowstone Season 5.

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Is Beth too far gone to keep her marriage and relationship to Rip healthy? That may seem like a bit of a harsh question, but their path to be with one another started on rocky ground, and that ground may give way in Yellowstone Season 5. Rip might find out what Beth has done and not be able to back her up, even if stopping Jaime is a top priority. Beth did tell Carter that she isn’t his mother, which might come back to haunt her as well. The pair are happy…for now.

What will Kayce’s visions mean? He claimed that he “saw the end of us” but who is the “us” in that situation? Could it mean that the Dutton’s will be taken down or lose their ranch finally? Kayce told Monica this, but the vague premonition is sure to leave fans going crazy about the potential in those words. Yellowstone Season 5 could just see Kayce and Monica splitting up, considering that Avery has professed her love for Kayce.

Will Rip find out about what Jaime has done to Beth? That was one of the options that Jaime had to endure when being sent to kill Garrett, but will Rip find out what has happened and want to kill Jaime himself? This goes back to the above question in which Jaime might be in the worst position possible in Yellowstone Season 5. He has to worry about Beth, but more importantly, Rip. Beth seems to have all the bases covered and could use all these threats and information to allow John to take the office of governor, and then destroy Jaime in the process. Well played, Beth.

Will It Start Premiering On Paramount+?

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Unfortunately, Yellowstone season 5 will most likely remain only on Paramount Network. The new spinoff series, 1883, can be watched on streaming via Paramount+. However, the network has said that due to logistics, the show will keep airing new episodes exclusively on Paramount Network. We have a guide to watching the show and its spinoffs right here.

When Is Yellowstone Season 5’s Release Date?

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So far, Yellowstone season 5 has not been given an official announcement and release date. When there is a release date, this page will be updated. In previous years, fans have expected new seasons of the Kevin Costner show to premiere on Paramount Network starting Father’s Day weekend. In 2021, Father’s Day weekend in the United States came and went without the release of season 4, or any announcement of when it would happen, angering fans. Hopefully for Yellowstone season 5, an announcement will be made much sooner.

We do know that the next season is coming. Back in March, Cole Hauser, aka Rip, confirmed Yellowstone season 5 is on the way at a virtual event. According to him, “season 5 is going to be wonderful.” Now that sounds simplistic in nature, but it sounds like showrunner Taylor Sheridan aims to keep the show going. Fans will just need to be patient while they wait for the official announcement.

Speculation points to Yellowstone season 5 releasing during the holiday season of 2022 at the earliest.