See Dove Cameron Decked Out In A Sexy Retro Stage Outfit

Dove Cameron looks amazing in this retro stage outfit in a behind-the-scenes look at her role in Schmigadoon! season 2.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

Most of the time, hot stars posting pics to social media are mostly doing it for attention (looking at you, Hailee Steinfeld). However, some stars such as Dove Cameron use the opportunity to promote their latest work (while still looking smoking hot, of course). And on Instagram, Cameron posted dizzying pics of herself in a retro outfit (even more retro than Sydney Sweeney’s miniskirt) to help promote the second season of the Apple TV+ series Schmigadoon!

The first image Dove Cameron shared is a sexy pic where she is practically busting out of her top and staring into the camera with flat eyes surrounded by blue makeup like the corona of light around a distant city, all while a stray fleck of hair stretches languidly across her upturned nose. You might be forgiven for thinking she was just on her way to a costume party, but along with the telltale caption, the second image is one of her from the show where she is in her full Sally Bowles-style outfit.

The actor also posted a short preview for the second season of Schmigadoon! that revealed the new season will take place in a slightly different magical land known as Schmicago (the title is a parody of the musical Chicago, but don’t worry…the show won’t be changing its name).

If you’ve never seen Dove Cameron and the rest of the cast (which includes Fred Armisen, Alan Cumming, Jane Krakowski, and Kristin Chenoweth) in Schmigadoon!, then you’re in for a real treat. Each season is basically one giant musical number, and the whole thing serves as a parody of famous musicals from the past. Among other things, this unique format means that Cameron and most of the others are playing different characters across different seasons.

The first season of Schmigadoon! was a parody of musicals from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and Dove Cameron played a waitress named Betsy McDonough. The character she played that season is essentially a parody of Annie from Oklahoma! (the musical that presumably provided the cheeky exclamation point at the end of this series name). While the second season of Schmigadoon! won’t drop until April 5, the pictures Cameron shared to Instagram make it look like she will be playing as a parody of Sally Bowles from Cabaret.

dove cameron

And you don’t need the detective skills of Batman to figure out who Dove Cameron is playing next season. Her iconic hat and beautiful blue eye makeup absolutely scream “Sally Bowles” to anyone who enjoys musicals, and it looks like the actor had fun getting into costume. As part of her Instagram post, she promised that “blocked brows, absinthe & all that jazz,” referring (respectively) to the beauty standards, alcohol, and music that defined the era of musicals from the 1960s and 1970s, would be returning with the new season.

The trailer that Dove Cameron shared with us promises that the new season of the show, like the later musicals it is sending up, will be “darker, with more sex and violence,” with a hint that our main characters (two modern doctors navigating this weird reflection of the past musicals) might get involved in getting to the bottom of the occasional murder. And while that takes care of the “violence,” all it takes is one look at a dolled-up Cameron to know she’s doing her part to bring “more sex” to the screen. We won’t know whether this season lives up to the first until it drops on April 5, but we somehow don’t expect the fat lady to sing for this show anytime soon.