See Sydney Sweeney In A Sexy Retro Mini-Skirt For New Video

Sydney Sweeney laughs and changes outfits, including a sexy retro mini-skirt, in the new ad for Bai tea.

By James Brizuela | Updated

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is continuing her dominance in the public eye, as she currently teamed up with the tea company Bai for a new commercial. The new ad features some great behind-the-scenes action, as Sweeney dances around and jokes in various outfits. The ad, which you can see below, showcases the actress in short shorts and a mini-skirt.

This new ad definitely showcases Sydney Sweeney’s goofier side, and the comments are filled with people delighted to see her having some fun while she works. The fun side of this ad is clearly working well for Sweeney and Bai, as the video has ballooned to having over 574,000 likes. Also, as previously mentioned, the comments are full of people laughing right along with Ms. Sweeney.

Sydney Sweeney certainly has a lot to be smiling about, as the actress is currently involved in many movies. The first and arguably most anticipated has to be her starring role in the Madame Web superhero venture. While her secretive role has yet to be divulged, many believe that she could be the first live-action Spider-Gwen, or quite possibly Black Cat.

Before we are graced with Sydney Sweeney taking on the realm of web slingers, she is set to star in a political thriller called Reality. The movie sees a former American intelligence specialist given the longest sentence for leaking government information about the Russian influence on the 2016 presidential election. The movie, surprising sans trailer, is set to release on February 18.

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney is also set to star in National Anthem, which sees a small town in South Dakota rocked when the black market is involved in locating a Lakota Ghost Shirt. Sweeney is taking on the role of Penny Jo Poplin, and she is joined by Eric Dane, Paul Walter Hauser, Halsey, and many more. The movie is currently in the post-production stages, which means we could be seeing it sometime in later 2023.

Sydney Sweeney will also be taking her acting talents to the horror/thriller genre, as she is set to star in Immaculate. The movie will follow a woman named Cecilia, who is given an opportunity to stay at a convent in Italy. However, once she is there, Cecilia starts to discover grisly truths about the place that she now calls home.

While all these movies sound exciting, everyone is patiently waiting to see Sydney Sweeney return to the hit HBO series, Euphoria. Though the series was renewed for its third season back in February of 2022, there has been little movement regarding when the series would be filming its third season. It could be because both Zendaya and Sweeney are busy currently, but we sure hope to see the series return sooner rather than later.

Sydney Sweeney has been taking the world by storm, and the ad just proves that she is still having fun while the public eye is locked in on her. We just can’t wait to see her in her new movies, especially when it comes to revealing who she is portraying in Madame Web.