See Christina Ricci Get Wild With Fantastic Photo Shoot

Christina Ricci is amazing in a Harper's Bazaar photoshoot.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

christina ricci

Christina Ricci has been a Hollywood star for decades now, starring in projects as wide-ranging as the Addams Family movies in the 1990s, Tim Burton’s gorefest Sleepy Hollow alongside Johnny Depp, and even other movies and shows that don’t have a gothic, spooky tone. In addition to being one of the most iconic actresses of her generation, Christina Ricci is also something of a style maven. In a new post from Harper’s Bazaar Spain, the actress showed off a series of sexy, fashionable, and sometimes slightly odd outfits. 

Harper’s Bazaar Spain posted a slideshow of Christina Ricci alongside a short bio of the actress, referencing her first major role in 1990’s Sirens with Cher and Winona Ryder, as well as her breakthrough role as Wednesday Addams in Barry Sonnefeld’s Addams Family movies. However, the outfits are the real draw here, and Christina Ricci does not disappoint in the slightest.

The first look that Christina Ricci is serving consists of a loose, yet somehow figure-hugging white Fendi dress, paired with arm-length opera gloves that have been scrunched down to the wrist. The dress is complemented by a pair of silver stiletto heels, which match a thick silver collar necklace. In the next, Ricci is wearing a thick quilted robe while crouching, giving her the appearance of rehearsing for a post-apocalyptic science fiction film of some kind.

christina ricci

The outfits only get wilder from there, as the Yellowjackets star’s third look consists of layer upon layer of patterned plastic over what looks like an iridescent silver-blue coat buttoned up to the throat. In the next slide, Christina Ricci seems to have gone back to the quilted look, but this time, has opted for a pale green zip-up with a flared collar so wide that she looks like she might be up for a Ra’s al Ghul cosplay.

The next Christina Ricci outfit is a very similar baggy quilted number paired with a glimpse of white tights. However, things get increasingly boudoir-like from there, with Ricci reclined in a tight white dress (with one strap dangling from a shoulder) and a neon-fringed comforter. The penultimate shot is a close-up of the actress, showing off her heavily mascaraed eyes and glossy black messy bangs. 

Finally, the last slide sees Christina Ricci posing like a Greek statue atop an off-white crate, her hands on her hips, which are cocked coquettishly. All in all, this slideshow reinforces why Ricci is a fashion icon. 

Recently, Christina Ricci has starred in two different television series, both of which have her trademark creepiness in different ways. She starred in the first season of the Jenna Ortega Netflix hit series Wednesday as the botany teacher of Ortega’s new school, though there is no word whether she will return for the next set of episodes. However, Christina Ricci is definitely back for the ongoing second season of Yellowjackets, in which she plays the world’s most chipper nurse/probable cannibal.