Chris Hemsworth Reveals Incredibly Dangerous Workout Tip

Do NOT try this at home.

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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How do you make yourself look like an Asgardian god? Keto diet? Pilates? Maybe doing those super weird and bizarrely specific exercises — like when you go in the gym and there’s some guy standing on a chair with one leg up and a chain around his neck or something? Well, if you’re big screen Thor himself Chris Hemsworth, you manage it by doing something you really, really, really shouldn’t do — he purposely dehydrates himself.

That, at least, is the word from the Marvel actor’s personal trainer Luke Zocchi. The trainer spoke to Insider to promote the lifestyle app Centr and said that Chris Hemsworth goes through the same routine every time he has to appear on screen shirtless as Thor. Hemsworth will increase his water intake, starting the week before the shirtless scene. On the first day, Hemsworth will drink 3 liters, or nearly 13 cups, of water. He’ll increase the intake by a liter, or about four and a quarter cups, every day. By the end of the routine, he’s drinking seven liters, or a little over 29 and a half cups. Luke Zocchi told Insider, “Then around lunchtime before the scene, we cut water completely.¬†This is by no means a healthy thing to do, and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone else do this.”

The goal, Zocchi says, is to make the actor’s muscles look “denser and harder” than normal by draining them of fluids. But the dehydration isn’t the only step Chris Hemsworth takes. At the same time, Hemsworth carb-cycles. The week before the shirtless scene, he deprives himself of carbs. But then during the last couple of days before shooting, he shovels down 40 grams of carbs every two hours. We might normally assume that Zocchi is speaking here just of the actor’s waking hours — i.e. that he doesn’t wake himself in the middle of the night every two hours to eat 40 more grams of carbs — but considering the other extremes he goes to, who knows? Zocchi says the combination of the actor’s muscles being dehydrated while filling them with glycogen makes them look exactly how he wants on screen.

Well, here’s to hoping for the sake of his well-being, that Chris Hemsworth had a minimum of shirtless scenes in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. As far as we know, all of Hemsworth’s shooting is done for the flick, but when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe you can never bee 100% sure. Earlier this week it was reported that Christian Bale — who is playing the villain Gorr the God Butcher in the sequel — is currently in the middle of reshoots, in spite of the release date of July 8 quickly approaching. It’s speculated this has something to do with why Marvel fans are still starving for the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer.

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Even if he hasn’t been called back for Love and Thunder reshoots, we know Chris Hemsworth hasn’t been lazy for the last couple of months. From his regular social media updates, it’s clear he’s been busy filming Extraction 2 — the sequel to his Netflix action thriller. If it’s anything like the first film, his torso will be loaded up with camo, armor, and various weapons and straps and pockets so hopefully he won’t have to go through the same insane dehydration routine.