See Brie Larson Give Odd Training Advice While In A Sports Bra

Brie Larson gave some odd training advice on social media recently, letting on that she does something with her workout that others might not

By David Harrison | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Brie Larson is one to take to all forms of social media in order to hand out training and life advice. At this point, it’s as much a part of her brand as anything else with the actress continually letting on about different habits and regimens that keep her in shape for upcoming roles. She’s just trying to reach the people it would seem, and this weekend she gave some more insight into what goes into her routines. Larson took to Twitter to let folks know that while she does, in fact, train with a personal trainer, she also likes to train before the personal trainer arrives. That’s a lot of training. Who has the time? 

In the Twitter post, Brie Larson can be seen gathered in front of a bunch of exercise equipment, apparently getting ready to start the “real” training at some point. It’s here that she lets on the part of the process that happens before the professionals actually show up. And for some reason, Larson feels the need to get very up close and personal with this part, leaning into the camera to let everyone know about her pre-training methods. Check it out:

All of this is through her official Brie Larson Twitter account which is closing in on three million followers. She’s also active on Instagram as well with many of her pictures, videos, and messages going through that social media platform. And Brie Larson also has a number of videos going up on her YouTube channel. She recently posted her 2022 workout goals, an extended look at the plans for this year. This Twitter video is a cutaway of that longer one which highlights all kinds of things the actress gets into to prepare for roles and to just keep fit in general. The YouTube channel has over 670K subscribers at the time of this writing. 

Though she’s actively keeping everyone abreast of her workout and health routines, it’s actually been some time since we’ve seen Brie Larson in a major movie role. That was all the way back in 2019 with Avengers: Endgame, the film that capped off Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She played a smaller, but pivotal role in that one, coming to the rescue against Thanos when the group needed her Captain Marvel character the most. 

And she’s set to reprise that Carol Danvers role next year in The Marvels. This one will pick up her story though will also work to begin transitioning her away from the role as well. That’s because it’s set to pass the torch to Iman Vellani as Khamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel. The latter’s story will kick off on the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel which is set to premiere on this streamer some time this year. It will provide something of an origin story for the character before having her meet Danvers later on the big screen. 

Brie Larson has also signed on to star in Lessons in Chemistry, a series on AppleTV+ which is in the early stages of development. She will star as Elizabeth Zotts, a chemist in the 1960s who has to pause her career when she finds out she’s pregnant. It’s set to be a period piece around the role of gender in the sciences during this time.