Brie Larson Trends After Posting Sports Bra Archery Photos

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By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Actually, in a wild twist, there are two reasons that Brie Larson is currently trending on Twitter. This morning, the trending topics flipped between “Captain Marvel” and “Brie Larson” as people were discussing “What is the worst MCU movie ever?” and then fighting over why it’s Thor 2 (which was also trending at the time) and not Captain Marvel. It is currently unclear if the Marvel actress is aware that her name and her solo movie were trending earlier, but as if in response, she popped onto the platform and shared two photos of herself practicing archery while wearing a sports bra that reveals the back muscles she’s earned from all the superhero workouts. Naturally, her fans had a lot of feelings about this, too, and her name shot up in the most talked about topics online.

Below, you can see Brie Larson’s new tweet, her back muscles, and a caption that explains her main hobby is taking up new hobbies.

Trending on Twitter is nothing new for the Marvel star. Only three days ago, Brie Larson was trending after posting a photo in a field in a gauzy dress. The photo had vibes of Taylor Swift’s Folklore album, and between the power of Brie Larson’s audience and Taylor Swift’s devoted fans, Twitter could not handle it.

So what did Brie Larson’s fans have to say after she posted the archery photos?

That’s pretty much it. The comments about the “worst MCU” movie thing were actually a lot more varied, and definitely more heated. Interestingly, watching the time stamps shows that early tweets were in response to the worst MCU movie situation, then a few hours in Brie Larson’s fans began simply tweeting her name with photos of her, and then after this latest post from her fans began reporting it with her name. They may be trying to intentionally flood out the Captain Marvel conversation, though that’s unclear.

And then the tweets simply saying Brie Larson’s name began. Was this a strategy to defend their favorite star, or when fans saw her name trending did they just want to get in and have their own tweets get popular? Hard to say. The internet is a curious place.

Brie Larson fans clearly showed up for her today, keeping her name and the name of her Marvel film trending for most of the day. It would be wonderful to know if she posted the archery photo as part of a social media strategy to shift the “worst MCU” movie conversation on Twitter, but that sounds like one of those things her publicist will never let her answer. With the YouTube channel the star started and kept up with throughout 2020, the Oscar winner has clearly proven that she is adept at the social media game.

Is it likely that Brie Larson will see her name trending again this week? Absolutely, The best part is there’s just no guessing for what.