See Brie Larson Rocking A Tight Two-Piece On A Bed Of Flowers

Brie Larson shows off what she has on social media while lounging on a bed of flowers.

By Tyler Pisapia | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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We’re guessing Brie Larson has a pretty busy schedule, what with filming The Marvels. But the actress refuses to be stingy with her time. She took some time this week to treat her followers to a great look at her washboard abs as she prepares to reprise her role as Carol Danvers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe follow-up to Captain Marvel.

She shared a post to her 6.8 million Instagram Followers Tuesday in which she can be seen basking in the sun while laying on her back in a field of flowers. She’s sporting what appears to be denim short-shorts as well as a powder blue crop top that allows fans to get a great look at her midsection, which has been toned tight enough to bounce a quarter back at you with lethal velocity. You can see the post below.

As Women’s Health notes, Brie Larson dedicates a great portion of her Instagram real-estate to showcasing her workout regiment. As she trains to have the perfect superhero body for the upcoming sequel, she lets her followers in on all of her fitness goals and shares countless workout videos to let people in on the process. It’s eerily reminiscent of when Kumail Nanjiani debuted his ripped body for Eternals and noted that he wanted to be transparent with his fans about the fact that he would not have been able to get so fit if he didn’t have Marvel footing the bill for a personal trainer and giving him enough money to make exercise his 9-5 gig for months. 

It seems Brie Larson is hoping to show her fans that the process of getting fit is just that, a process. It also served as an eye-catching way for her to promote the latest episode of her podcast Learning Lots which she does with her friend, Mythic Quest star Jessie Ennis. The post promoted the latest episode in which they had Olympian Laurie Hernandez on as a guest. 

Brie Larson is currently laser-focused on getting fit and rejoining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming sequel The Marvels. Fans got a brief post-Avengers look at Captain Marvel in the post-credits scene for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but the time is rapidly approaching for her to don her super suit in another standalone adventure. 

Actually “standalone” isn’t really an apt term. As Deadline notes, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige announced in 2019 that the sequel to Brie Larson’s first outing in the franchise would not be called Captain Marvel 2, but rather The Marvels. The reason for the plural is that the movie will see Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers help introduce Iman Vellani as the highly anticipated first Muslim American superhero, Kamala Khan, better known as Ms. Marvel. 

Ms. Marvel

It makes sense given that the character’s comic book counterpart is so closely tied to Carol Danvers. In the comic books, Kamala Khan is a teenager who shares something in common with her fans — she absolutely idolizes the superheroes in the Marvel world, particularly Danvers. When the awakening of her dormant Inhuman genes gives her shape-shifting powers, Khan gets to join the ranks of the myriad of superheroes she loves so much.