Brie Larson Is Getting Moody In Her Latest Post

By Jacqueline Lindenberg | 3 months ago

brie larson

Brie Larson is known for taking on the coveted and once in a lifetime role of Captain Marvel. Larson first played the Marvel character in 2019, however, on a recent Instagram post, the actress has taken on an entirely different role. In fact, this role is the complete opposite of her superhero character. This new role is more on the moody spectrum. Larson added a hilarious caption on her post, to show that it’s completely acceptable to be moody once in a while, or perhaps all the time. 

The Hollywood starlet uploaded a series of pictures on her Instagram page. She chose to opt in for simple black and white instead of bright and cheerful colors and filters. The reasoning behind this seems to be due to the vibe she wanted to portray. The post had three sets of photos. The first and second photo were selfies of Brie Larson posing, wearing a comfortable and chic sundress. She had a serious look on her face, rather than a friendly smile. The last photo shows a view of sprawling hills as the sun shines above them, which is also in black and white. See Brie Larson’s post below.

Sometimes, people can get a little moody, especially if they have had a rough day. Brie Larson added a comedic sense to her post by stating that, “It’s not a phase, mom,” in an attempt to show that the actress isn’t moody just here and there, but it is a part of who she is. Larson is known not just for her dramatic, moody posts, but also her talented performances in various films. The actress gained a lot of recognition from critics and fans when the film Room was released in 2015. Due to Larson’s strong performance, she received a nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role and also won the Oscar. 

Other films Brie Larson has starred in over the past decade were movies such as Kong: Skull Island in 2017, Avengers: Endgame in 2019, and 21 Jump Street in 2012. Perhaps has biggest part has been as a Marvel hero in her solo title Captain Marvel, where she played Carol Danvers. Danvers becomes a powerful hero to save Earth from a galactic war between two different alien races. The film was quite successful, and drew in a whopping $1.1 billion at the box office. In an interview with Insider, Larson mentioned what it was like playing such an iconic hero three years ago. She said, “Three years have just been the beginning for me of getting to see what the importance of having characters like this can do for people.”

brie larson

According to People, the actress also stated that her body went through a lot of changes to become the popular Marvel character, including lots of exercise and training. The actress has developed a love for fitness and sports, which she has also shared in past posts on her Instagram. Larson has taken on a lot of roles in her career, and there is definitely more to come. From a superhero, to an award winning actress, to a star who embraces a moody way of living, those moody vibes are definitely something we can relate to on occasion. Her next film titled The Marvels, is currently in post-production, and is set to release sometime in 2023.