See Brie Larson Enjoying A Book And A Hot Tub While Wearing A Low-Cut Bathing Suit

Brie Larson wrapped filming on The Marvels. Now, she's spending some of her time relaxing and sharing a peek at what that means in her life.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Brie Larson shares a good portion of her life with her nearly 7 million Instagram followers. Recently, she wrapped filming on The Marvels, her upcoming sequel where she once again plays the hero Carol Danvers. Now, she’s spending some of her time relaxing and sharing a peek at what that means in her life. Currently, she’s in her “happy place”, reading a new book in a hot tub.

You can see Brie Larson’s Instagram post below.

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The actress doesn’t share where she is, but it looks like she’s having a nice time. The post gives off the impression that Brie Larson may currently be on vacation. If nothing else, she’s at least having a nice weekend.

The book she is holding is Conversations on Love by Natasha Lunn. It’s a non-fiction release from the summer of 2021 full of essays by a mix of well-known authors on topics like the psychology of being alone and vulnerability. These sound like topics Brie Larson might cover on her podcast, Learning Lots, though she doesn’t mention whether that’s part of her reason for the book choice. Previously, she’s covered topics like purpose, life regrets, and getting into a flow state while working. She has celebrity guests like Chelsea Handler and Melissa McCarthy, and recently spoke with Olympic medalist Laurie Hernandez.

As a Marvel star, Brie Larson can’t share much about her most recent movie project. All she has really said about The Marvels is that a lot of “juicy” things are in store for fans. The movie is set to see Captain Marvel fighting alongside Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau, but that’s pretty much all that’s known about the upcoming story. Due to the pressure of keeping Marvel secrets, the actress didn’t post much about filming her new movie while it was going on. She has shared some intense workout training videos, including a recent one where she wrapped heavy metal chains around her core and then did push-ups. She’s also posted to show off her musical skills, singing and playing the guitar. These posts have mostly reminded her fans that she is a huge fan of Taylor Swift.

During 2020, Brie Larson’s fans got used to her opening up on social media a lot more. The year saw Larson start her own YouTube channel. When the COVID-19 pandemic meant lockdowns and delays in filming for the star, she needed a new creative outlet. She began posting videos about her daily life. She shared a look at her musical interests and offered a closer look at parts of her life that she felt comfortable sharing, including her morning and evening routines.

When Brie Larson went back to work on The Marvels, she told her fans that she’d have to slow down her YouTube and general social media posting. Her podcast has kept her putting out free online content, but the rate of her Instagram posts definitely slowed down. Recently, it’s been picking back up on her Instagram again, which may be a sign that her YouTube will pick up as well.