Bob Saget’s Final Hours Revealed With New Details From Police

More details around the death of Bob Saget have been revealed which may shed some light on tragic passing more than a month ago

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Bob Saget tragically passed away, somewhat mysteriously, more than a month ago and details around his death are still emerging. With a number of oddities around his passing, especially with the circumstances, fans have been seeking some more information about what ultimately led to his death in a hotel room in Florida. Now, according to recently released information from the Orange County Sheriff’s office (via People), authorities think they have pieced together some of the timeline and events that may have contributed to Bob Saget’s passing. 

According to the most recent updates, authorities believe that Bob Saget returned to his room after performing in Florida. Apparently, while in his room’s bathroom, the actor and comedian lost consciousness, causing him to fall backward and hit his head against the marble floor. This impact was what led to skull fractures and even a brain bleed for Saget. But he did regain consciousness at some point and stumbled into bed. This is where authorities found him deceased the next day. 

The circumstances around Bob Saget’s tragic passing had been shrouded in some mystery ever since it was announced. Suffering head trauma is odd on its own with no other signs of foul play in or around the scene. And it was confirmed very early on that there were no drugs or alcohol present, ruling out those as possibilities in his passing. But this theory on his death does begin to shed some light on the situation, offering up a reasonable explanation for how the comedian suffered such trauma to his head. Authorities have said that their investigation is still ongoing so we might hear more information on the case before it’s all said and done. 

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Adding to some of the questions around the death of Bob Saget was a recent lawsuit filed by his family insisting that certain details of the case not be released to the public. The judge in the case upheld the request, at least temporarily, agreeing with the family that there were elements to this that could cause the family additional grief if revealed. Their original request stated they would, “suffer irreparable harm in the form of severe mental pain, anguish, and emotional distress if the requested temporary injunction is not granted…” Though additional details weren’t revealed. After all, this was kind of the point. Something about the case surrounding his passing was not for the public’s eyes. These latest details don’t point to that level of “harm” it would seem so additional pieces of this could still be out there. 

In all, the passing of Bob Saget remains a tragedy. The much-beloved comedian was entering a phase of his career that saw him returning to the stage performing his act. And by all accounts, he was happy and healthy at the time of his passing, having just put on a show while also kibitzing with fans. With these new details around the case starting to shed more light on his tragic passing we have gotten more of a sense of what went down with Bob Saget that led to his death. It remains a very sad story.