Amber Heard Shows Off Her Training In Tight Workout Clothes

Amber Heard looks to be in some great shape as she holds this training staff above her head with a giant smile.

By James Brizuela | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Although most of the news revolving around Amber Heard has surrounded her ongoing lawsuits with ex- Johnny Depp, it looks as if Heard is completely unbothered by what the tabloids or news outlets have to say about her. Heard recently took to her Instagram to post a pic showing off her figure as she works out with some sort of training staff. The training staff is likely linked to the fact that she is set to reprise her role as Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Her character often holds a trident staff, so this could be a pic revealing a behind-the-scenes look for training for a scene, or just getting in shape. The simple caption on the pic reads, “I know Kung-Fu.” Fans will know the line as one said by Neo in The Matrix.

See the Amber Heard update below:

Amber Heard has a massive 4.1 million followers on her Instagram and has already racked up over 100,000 likes in four hours’ time. Heard looks to be in some great shape as she holds this training staff above her head with a giant smile. I would be smiling if I looked like that too. She is showing off some abs in her outfit as well and looks to be like she could take anyone out with a swing of her staff. That certainly might be the case for her character in Aquaman 2. Even though fans had deeply petitioned for Amber Heard to be taken out of the sequel, director James Wan and the casting staff for the film have moved forward with the actress. News of the film wrapping production dropped today, along with the split of Jason Momoa and longtime partner, Lisa Bonet. Fans on Twitter have already begun to blame Heard for their split.

It seems as if the news of Amber Heard’s past relationship troubles seem to follow her wherever she goes, but none of that matters or affects her. She is clearly a focal point for the Aquaman films and might continue to appear in the grander DC Extended Universe plans. Heard is also slated to appear in the main role of a film called, Run Away With Me. The film is currently in pre-production. The film’s synopsis details the life of an American who is in Paris and falls in love with a model. The two become intertwined and fall deep into the underground and dangerous world of the European modeling industry. It sounds as if the film is going to be a thriller.

Regardless of the drama that follows Amber Heard, she remains a Hollywood star and has been active in the industry since 2004. Her appearance in Aquaman 2 means that despite the fans being upset with her over the claims she made against Johnny Depp, she will still be able to garner big roles. Heard will continue to get work in films. There hasn’t been any news yet on when or how the multiverse will affect Aquaman, but Heard might find her way into even more DC films in the near future.