Amber Heard Blamed For End of Jason Momoa’s Marriage

Amber Heard is getting a lot of fingers pointed her way.

By Michileen Martin | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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After being partners for 16 years, and married for the last five of them, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet have ended their marriage. Momoa and Bonet released a joint statement on Instagram on Wednesday, and from the language and overall tone of the post, the decision seems to be as mutual and cordial as any such separation could be. But in the wake of the announcement, a lot of fans are pointing fingers in an unsurprising direction — at Momoa’s controversial Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom costar, Amber Heard.

The joint Jason Momoa/Lisa Bonet post was shared on Momoa’s account (Bonet doesn’t use social media publicly), and says nothing about Amber Heard, or anyone beyond the former couple and their children. The statement begins with them telling readers that they have “felt the squeeze and changes of these transformational times,” and that they are “parting ways in marriage.” They assure fans the love between them “carries on, evolving in ways it wishes to be known and lived. We free each other -to be who we are learning to become.” They end it with “J & L.” After the statement comes a number of photos, including one of an early evening sky, and one of someone holding a bird while wearing a shirt that says “May my soul shout love.” You can see the post below.

But as compassionate and understanding as all of that sounds, there are a lot of fans on Twitter who seem to think there are much baser reasons behind the split. Just as Amber Heard and Johnny Depp first met and began their romantic relationship on the set of 2009’s The Rum Diary, some fans are finding it difficult to get past the idea that something similar happened between Jason Momoa and Amber Heard on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Some fans feel that even if nothing has developed between Amber Heard and Jason Momoa to cause the latter’s split with Lisa Bonet, that it could be the simple fact that Momoa continues to work with the actress that started the issues. Not to mention that while Heard and Momoa may not have gotten romantic, Heard may now be seeing an opportunity.

At least one fan isn’t casting any aspersions at Amber Heard, Jason Momoa, or anyone else. However, he does foresee a potential stampede in the wake of the news. You can see his concerns below.

So should we blame Amber Heard? Well, it’s all speculation at this point. On one hand, Heard and Momoa did just share a long shoot for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Variety reported filming began for the sequel last June, and director James Wan posted the news that principal photography wrapped an hour before the joint statement from Momoa and Bonet. That’s a seven month shoot bouncing between England, Hawaii, and Los Angeles. Lots of beautiful locations and lots of time together.

On the other hand, it isn’t like this is the first film in which Jason Momoa and Amber Heard costarred. They were both in 2017’s Justice League and 2018’s Aquaman, and the latter film’s shoot was just as long as the sequel’s. Not to mention that even if something happened between the two, why is all the blame being thrown at Heard? In any potential Heard/Momoa fling, Momoa makes up half of it.