Adam Sandler Filmed Playing Intense Pickup Basketball At A Random Park

Adam Sandler is a baller.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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It is common knowledge that Adam Sandler is a bonafide basketball junkie. He’s featured the sport in numerous movies, and he routinely finds himself down at the local park playing pick-up basketball with new video surfacing showing off Sandler’s hoop skills.

This new video, shot in Long Island, New York, is a quick clip of Adam Sandler, in his trademark polo and super baggy shorts, bringing the ball up court dribbling to the right side of the key, where he pulls up looking to drop a dime on someone. He does, finding an open shooter at the top of the key. What happens next is classic. The shooter completely bricks his attempt at a three. Sandler’s reaction at the end of the video is one we are sure he’s felt many times. Disappointment.

Fan reaction to the Twitter video was instant and highly favorable of Adam Sandler and his basketball skills. One fan questioned why Sandler, though having played many years of pick-up ball, has never been in an all-star celebrity game.

Noted basketball star Baron Davis (Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, among his teams) even chimed in on Twitter.

If you haven’t seen Adam Sandler actually play basketball, you might be surprised to know the man actually has some decent skills. He can shoot, though many who’ve played with him call him a pass-first point guard, always looking to find the open man. Now if he could only find those who can knock down a shot.

As you will see in the following short clip, Adam Sandler has no problem locating the open man. Said open man has a very difficult time knocking down the shot.

Fans didn’t take kindly to those missed shots.

It wasn’t only Adam Sandler’s ability to play the game of basketball that drew fan attention. He also got a lot of comments on his hobo-like appearance when he stepped onto the court. One fan commented, “Adam Sandler is never completely dressed for the activity he’s doing,” while another compared him to middle school days.

It is apparent that the Sandman loves the game. Not only by how often he finds himself at the local Long Island parks but also by the movies he makes. In Grown Ups, the story revolved around a group of friends who come back together to honor their high school basketball coach who passed away. The movie features Adam Sandler teaching his boys how to shoot hoops and then a rematch of their big game against their now grown-up rivals.

Adam Sandler also took to the court briefly in Blended. In the movie, he played the father to two girls, one a high school basketball player that he was helping train. The movie featured an extended scene where Sandler and his daughter (played by Bella Thorne) took on another father and his son in a game of two-on-two.

Along with basketball, Adam Sandler has featured other sports in his movies. In Happy Gilmore, Sandler took the unorthodox approach to golf. In The Waterboy, it was much the same for football. He went a little more serious with the pigskin during his remake of the Burt Reynolds classic, The Longest Yard.

Adam Sandler not only likes to play sports in some of his movies, but he also loves to cast former athletes in his films. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has shown up a few times in Sandler films and in one of Sandler’s last films, the critically acclaimed Uncut Gems, Sandler brought in another NBA Legend, Kevin Garnett.

So, to all you Long Island park hoopsters out there. When the Sandman arrives, please hit your open shots.