Jeopardy! Fans Are Cancelling Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers who was a candidate for becoming Jeopardy! host earlier this year is now the subject of its fans outraged tweets.

By Apeksha Bagchi | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Jeopardy! fans have been having a field day on Twitter as they are expressing their relief over NFL star Aaron Rodgers not being appointed as the game show’s permanent host. Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are currently hosting the show but on a temporary basis as the hunt for a new host is still on. Rodgers, who had been a guest host on the show earlier this year, was also considered for the coveted position but didn’t get it. It has now been revealed that the football player never got his Covid-19 vaccination, recently testing positive through the NFL’s protocols. 

Aaron Rodgers recently tested positive for Covid-19 and will have to miss Green Bay Packers’ vs Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. While those vaccinated have also contracted the coronavirus, Rodgers has revealed that he never got vaccinated against the Covid-19. Recently, he appeared on The Pat McAfee Show and made the revelation. He took a dig at the media and criticized the cancel culture for targeting him because he believes “strongly in bodily autonomy” i.e., having the freedom to make choices for his body. The former Jeopardy! guest host also pointed out the “woke mob” who are criticizing his decision and labeled them as a “crazed group of individuals” pushing him to agree to their “woke culture.”

Back in April, when he was considered as a likely contender to become Jeopardy!‘s new permanent host after several controversies made it unlikely for executive producer Mike Richards to retain the position, Aaron Rodgers had expressed his desire for the same. He had admitted that he was willing to quit his career as an NFL star to host the show full time. But now, ever since Rodgers revealed that he is unvaccinated, fans of the series have been sharing their relief over him not being chosen as the Jeopardy! host. Some are also exhibiting their anger over him being considered for the position in the first place while commenting how the show dodged another controversy by not hiring the football player.

Jeopardy! has been a hotbed of numerous controversies after Alex Trebek, who hosted the show since 1984, passed away in 2020. Before the makers of the show even considered the likes of Aaron Rodgers, their first choice was executive producer Mike Richards. In August 2021, Richards was announced as the successor of Trebek while Mayim Bialik was chosen to host the show’s primetime specials and spin-offs. Richards even recorded episodes for a week before the various past controversies in his career caught up with him and he had to step down as the host. After which he was also removed as the executive producer of the show. 

While the decision to fire Mike Richards was taken to appease angry fans of Jeopardy!, the show has been reportedly having many troubles running smoothly in his absence. Radar has shared that with Richards no longer in control, running Jeopardy! has basically turned into “a sh** show”. As for finding-the-host troubles, the issues don’t end with Aaron Rodgers. Every chosen candidate for the position is bringing their individual hornet’s nest of controversies whether it is Mayim Bialik, Ken Jennings, Mike Richards, or the numerous other names in the prospective list.