The Walking Dead Is Back For Season 2 And Better Than Ever

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The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead returned to television for a second season last night and, truth be told, there was every reason to suspect that the show might lose most of the magic it had in its first season.

While it was away the production has been plagued by sounds of gloom and doom. Series exec producer, who had a lot to do with how great the show’s series debut was, left The Walking Dead amidst reports of slashed budgets and lack of creative control. As it turns out, none of that matters… at least not yet.

Neither the mid-production departure of Darabont nor the budget cuts were evident in the second season’s first episode. AMC’s decision to spend less money on the show may start to hurt them in later episodes, but for now, The Walking Dead is as good or better than it’s ever been.

It helps that zombies are pretty cheap to make and, easy to get tension from. Tonight’s episode revolved around a harrowing stop on a zombie-infested highway, a lost little girl, and the members of our hero group coming to grips with all the stuff that happened in the season 1 finale. No one’s getting along and it probably won’t be long until the group fractures and falls apart.

What did you think of the return of AMC’s epic zombie show? Cast your vote below, in our poll.

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  1. John Giroux via Facebook says:

    Pathetic… how about some REAL science fiction.

  2. in the process of watching it a second time!

  3. Anonymous says:

    To be fair, all of the background troubles happened after this episode had been produced.  Darabont worked on the first handful of eps.  I’ve seen quite a few people saying this episode wasn’t good because Darabont wasn’t around.  But that’s not true, he did make this ep.  And the highway zombie herd scene was one of the best zombie scenes ever done.  Every piece of that was amazing, especially the Winnebago zombie and Daryl saving T-Bone’s ass.

    • JT says:

      Yeah it’ll be interesting to see how all the negative things which went on during this season’s production affect it as it goes on.  At least it’s off to a good start.

      The “find the girl” stuff was a bit meandering, but the highway stuff is so good… it worked.

      • Anonymous says:

        Definitely.  but the thing with AMC is that all of their shows are heavily dependent on the genius of the showrunners.  Breaking Bad would falter without Vince Gilligan, and I wonder if it’s Kirkman or Darabont who is the most important for Walking Dead.  Time will tell.

    • Justin Hall says:

      Best zombie scenes ever done? I have a few problems with that. Random dead bodies in cars all over highway. Why? What killed them? Why aren’t they walkers? Second, dude is on top of the camper with binoculars looking down hill and seemingly can see a pretty great distance, all of a sudden huge herd of zombies right on top of them. Was he bird watching? Third, what happened to zombies smelling flesh? I might have forgiven it if T-bone hadn’t been bleeding fresh uninfected blood everywhere. Nothing about that scene made any sense. 

  4. WTF is your problem dude? You don’t like zombie movies? It doesn’t all have to spaceships and ray guns.

  5. It was awesome! I gaged a little! lol

  6. Huh, is there really anything that’s ‘real fiction’???

  7. Awesome show! Really glad to see it continued.

  8. Mark Whitt via Facebook says:

    great show looks like season 2 is going to be better than season 1 ! i did not see the ending of last night show coming !

  9. little dope with that “Damien” look on his face. I was expecting a zombie rush.

  10. Peggy Thompson via Facebook says:

    It was great but too many commercials. Can’t wait until next week. 🙂