Strong Rumors That David Tennant Will Return For Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

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The idea of former Doctor Who actors returning for the show’s 50th anniversary celebration next year certainly aren’t new, with pretty much all of the living former Doctors rumored to be putting in an appearance at one point or another. David Tennant has been the source of many of these rumors, which makes sense given that he’s the most recent Doctor before current lead Matt Smith. We still haven’t heard anything official, but one entertainment website says this rumor may be a done deal.

Bleeding Cool, usually a pretty reliable source, says their sources are confirming that David Tennant will indeed be involved in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebrations. More specifically, here’s the exact quote from their unnamed source:

Yes. David Tennant will be back in time for the Doctor Who anniversary. Be prepared to be surprised…

Assuming that their source is legit and correct, that still leaves us with a lot of questions. If Tennant is coming back, we still don’t know what his role will be exactly. The buzz is that there will be multiple specials as part of the anniversary, but will they be documentary-style things looking back at the show’s long history? Special Doctor Who episodes along the lines of the annual Christmas episodes? Something else entirely? At this point we just don’t know.

Even if it’s not all they do, there will almost certainly be behind-the-scenes specials featuring interviews with the show’s creators and cast from over the years. I would think Tennant’s involvement in those is pretty much a given. But could Tennant’s return be something more interesting: an actual return or cameo from the Tenth Doctor? Sure, he’s long since regenerated, but this is a show about time travel, so we’d be foolish to rule out the possibility. And quite frankly, I’ll be thrilled to see him return in whatever capacity.

Now let the speculation resume about who else might make a return to the world of Doctor Who


  1. SaintBj says:

    Tennant could easily come back as the Human version of the Doctor from the parallel universe where he ended up with Rose. I’m sure if they want him back they’ll manage it.

  2. Edward says:

    Would love to see him again as the Doctor.

  3. Mark Varry says:

    Next to Tom Baker David Tenant is my favorite Doctor so would be happy to see him make a appearance.

  4. SoCalDork says:

    In the classic series there were several episodes where the Doctor’s different regenerations ran into and had to help each other. I don’t see why they couldn’t again. Not only that- I would LOVE it if they would! lol

  5. infrared327 says:

    Great news! I also love that Tom Baker said on BBC radio recently that he too is open to the idea of making a cameo if there were a scene where all 11 were together. Ecelston says he won’t return but Baker’s idea would require some SFX for those no longer with us anyway and the BBC owns all 11’s Doc Who likenesses so go for it!