Batman vs superman dawn of justice lego movie sets for 2016

batman vs superman lego movie sets for  2016
In 2 months’ time, we will witness the first time DC’s trinity appears on the big screen together. I don’t know about you but I am super excited for this. As part of the movie, I am also looking forward to what new lego movie sets will be released for Batman vs Superman. There is currently one commercial being released but I am sure there will be brick toy sets that have not being annouced yet to avoid spoiling the movie. Here is hoping for Doomsday or Bizzaro lego toy figure!

Anyway, I have break down the commercial scenes to let you take a look what is coming in March 2016, which is the probably the Batman vs Superman lego movie sets release date.


Best comic with science fiction themes for 2016

best sci fi comics for 2016
There has been a big argument among the sci fi community on whether comics should be part of the definition of sci fi. Personally, I tend to agree with this but I also understand why some folks might be against this idea. To remedy the situation, I want to flash out some current comic titles in 2016 that have a strong element of science fiction.


Don’t Miss These New Sci Fi Shows Airing January 2016

new xfilesHave you checked out what on the slate for TV this month? Looks like we’ve got several new sci fi shows hitting the air, as well as new seasons of a few old favorites. If you’re looking for something awesome to watch this January, we’ve got a few options for you to consider.


Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Announced!

fearwalkingdeadseason2Other than the show Humans on AMC, Fear The Walking Dead is one of the shows that I’ve been most looking forward to returning on our TVs. And just today AMC announced season two! And we’ve got two pieces of good news for fans like me.


Best Deadpool merchanise and toys for 2016

cool deadpool merchanise and toys for 2016
With a Deadpool movie coming out in less than 2 months time, you can bet there are going to lots of Deadpool merchanise including toys and stuff to take advantage of the hype. Being a Deadpool reader, here are my picks on what are the best stuff for sale that a Deadpool fan might want to get.


Last Minute “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Movie Prep Countdown

star wars force awakens
Well, are you ready for the release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” on December 18th? Yeah, that’s just a few days from now, so if you’re not prepared yet – we’ve got you covered. From what to wear to that midnight showing to where to buy your tickets before it’s sold out to the best order to watch the movies in before you go see the new one. Start now and you’ll be ready just in time for the big night.