Guardians Of The Galaxy Gets A 1950s Style Poster And More

Guardians of the GalaxyLike Star Wars and the Indiana Jones movies, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy captures the high adventure, excitement, and swashbuckling fun of the pulp serials of an earlier time. With that in mind, the film, which doesn’t even open until Friday (more realistically on Thursday night), has unveiled an awesome new 1950s sci-fi inspired poster, as well as a collection of offerings from Mondo.

This throwback, which comes from MTV, is spot on. You can imagine this hanging in an old style movie palace or advertising the back half of a double feature at your local drive-in theater, you know, when such things were far more commonplace. The bright color, the aged appearance, and even the “Presented in Realistic 3-Dimensions” bit down in the corner are all fantastic touches. You can even picture this as the era-specific cover for a tie-in novelization, which is something you know that you would totally enjoy.


Interstellar’s Stunning New Trailer Dares Us To Rage Against The Dying Of The Light

Christopher Nolan and actor Matthew McConaughey took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con International last week to premiere the latest trailer for their epic science fiction adventure Interstellar, which is due to bow this November. Now that trailer has hit the Internet, and if you’re like us, you’re going to end up watching this thing six or seven times in a row before you can pull yourself away…and quite possibly with a lump in your throat.

We were both seriously wowed and genuinely moved by Interstellar’s earlier trailer, and this latest look at Nolan’s film just dials all those emotions up to 11. This is a film that doesn’t just look beautiful and emotional and powerful, but one that feels like we desperately need right now. Every second of the 24-hour news cycle is filled with horror upon horror, but a film like Interstellar dares us to believe that we might actually surmount all those problems, that there’s hope for us, and a future for us, if only we overcome the worst aspects of our natures and strive for it. And in a time when big-screen science fiction has been almost exclusively dominated with apocalypse and dystopia, Interstellar is true aspirational science fiction that challenges us to look up and dream of something brighter again.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Has Even More In Store Than You Think

The Walking DeadAMC’s The Walking Dead always has a strong presence at San Diego Comic-Con, and this year was no different. The smash hit zombie drama revealed a new trailer and that the first six minutes of the season five premiere are apparently going to be totally bananas. But there is a lot more waiting for fans when the show returns on Sunday, October 12.

We weren’t at Comic-Con this year, we’re afraid of crowds and bright colors, but our dear friends at Cinema Blend aren’t the scaredy-cats that we are, and we all over the massive nerd gathering. They got the opportunity to sit down at roundtables with some of the writers and producers of The Walking Dead, and were able to gather some insight into the upcoming season, as well as some news on the long-gestating spin off.


The Real Ghostbusters And Universal’s Monsters Will Haunt Your Toy Shelves

real ghostbustersToys! Toys! Toys! My adulthood has been plagued by the kind of non-poverty that allows for bills to get paid without any leftover funds to spend on recreational plastic figures. But still, I get a lot of window-shopping done in front of my computer screen. A couple of interesting new announcements made at Comic-Con revealed Mattel is working on a batch of figures based on the classic animated series The Real Ghostbusters, while the big heads over at Funko are creating a line inspired by Universal’s legendary line of movie monsters. Gift giving is allowed on Halloween, right? Any takers? Samhain?

Details about Mattel’s line are limited beyond the announcement itself, made over the weekend, and the only other thing mentioned is that they will be coming out in 2015. That’s no big surprise. It’ll be interesting to see what’s different between this line of Real Ghostbusters figures and the awesomely colorful Retro-Action series they released a few years ago. Either way, I’m certain the figures will be amazing. Perhaps they’ll dip into the youth-skewing Slimer! for a Professor Dweeb figure. Man, I miss that show.


[REC] 4: Apocalypse Rains Down Infectious First Images

rec-4-apocalypseWith the bizarrely unrelated third installment in the rearview, the [REC] series is back to bring a boatload of scares to audiences with [REC] 4: Apocalypse. Director Jaume Balagueró returns to the franchise helm for its final installment (for now), and Bloody Disgusting has revealed the film’s first images. They’re about as dark as you’d imagine, and thankfully confirm that the earlier flicks’ found-footage element has been completely abandoned. Kind of makes the whole “[REC}" part of the title seem useless, but then I guess even Freddy Krueger left Elm Street sometimes.

[REC] 4: Apocalypse takes place almost immediately after the events of the second film, which largely took place right after the events of the first. Manuela Velasco returns to the role of television reporter Ángela Vidal, who somehow manages to make it out of the terror-filled apartment building alive. She wakes up unaware of where she is, although we happen to know that it’s a decommissioned and completely quarantined oil tanker. It’s soon revealed Ángela is a host for the virus that turns people into rabid lunatics, so the massive amount of security involved is basically just cannon fodder. Way to go, guys! This is one of those movies where no one has heard of the expression “kill it with fire.”


Guardians Of The Galaxy Leaked Post-Credits Scene Reveals Crazy Cameos

The CollectorComic book movies, especially those churned out by Marvel, are big on post-credit scenes. In fact, in most instances these days, if you leave after the first stinger, you’re likely to miss out, because it seems like every release has at least two, one during the credits and one at the very end. Their latest, the deep space adventure Guardians of the Galaxy, is no exception. The biggest story about these particular scenes, however, is that there’s not much of a story to tell. While preview screenings contain one, the other has been purposely left out (they’re just forcing me to go see it again, which I was going to do anyway). It’s their way of leaving something to the imagination, of not showing their entire hand before the movie even opens. And of course, it’s already leaked online, because the Internet is a sneaky little bastard like that.

STOP READING if you have any inclination to avoid SPOILERS.