Want To Know What Your Babies Will Look Like When They Grow Up?

aging faceCould the ugly duckling’s parents—or tormentors—have known that it would grow up to be a swan? If they had this new face aging software, they might have been a little nicer to the duckling right out of the gate.

Two University of Washington computer science and engineering professors developed this software that, in approximately 30 seconds, takes an image of a child’s face and predicts what that kid will look like over the years, stopping at age 80. The new program doesn’t just randomly guess, it actually takes into account facial expression and pose. Using thousands of photos of kids and adults, it came up with a basic aging prototype for both genders. It determines from online photos how much and in what ways faces change over time, and applies those textures, shape, and shades to the photo in question. Eventually, the duo hopes to integrate ethnicity, the change in hair color over time, and wrinkles.


Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Toys Are Almost As Scary As The Real Thing

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesMuch like Jaws frightened an entire generation out of the water, I suspect that Matt Reeves’ (Cloverfield) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes could scare some folks out of the woods. That may be a bit hyperbolic, but those high-resolution stills of the titular apes we saw last week certainly are all kinds of intimidating. Those creatures may not be real, they may be a combination of computer-generated images and motion capture technology, but they’re neither cute nor cuddly. While a new line of toys aren’t nearly as scary—it’s hard to be afraid of something that is only seven-inches tall—they don’t portray a particularly friendly race of super-smart apes.

Neca has really outdone themselves with the first series of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes figurines. One of the most stunning elements of those aforementioned photo, is the level of detail. You can see each individual hair, every crease on every face, and even single raindrops—it’s always raining in movies like this. The toys, obviously, can’t recreate that detail, but for miniature plastic action figures, they’re pretty damn impressive.


NASA To Test Einstein’s Twin Paradox On Actual Twins

Mark and Scott KellyNASA’s latest experiment is something straight out of a sci-fi horror movie. Mostly because it involves identical twins—apologies to any twins out there in the audience, but movies have taught us to fear you (The Shining, Dead Ringers), or at least be wary of your wacky shenanigans (The Parent Trap). The space agency plans to use a pair of identical twin astronauts to determine the effects of long-terms space travel on the human body.

In March 2015, astronaut Scott Kelly will embark on a yearlong mission. He’ll hang out with cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko on the International Space Station (ISS) for the duration, and when he returns to Earth, he’ll undergo all manner of tests and poking and prodding in order to determine the consequences of such a jaunt on his body.


James Dyson’s Vacuum Barge Aims To Make Rivers Cleaner

james dysonOne of the most frightening images that comes to mind before the emptiness of sleep is the monstrous Pacific Garbage Patch opening its rotting mouth and sinking sharpened plastic teeth into my ship during the ONE time I win a radio contest for a trans-Pacific cruise. This may be my own personal nightmare, but it should be universal. I’m surprised there’s no current series of horror films that centers on giant ocean trash monsters. Inventor and vacuum innovator James Dyson wants to tackle the growing problem of water-bound plastic garbage with a real world solution, instead of just nuking everything like they inevitably would in the movie. Enter the M.V. Recyclone.


El Nino Could Make Another Appearance Later This Year

el ninoAfter this brutal, seemingly endless winter, we better be in for a summer of sunny days and warm temperatures. I know I’m deluding myself, Boston summers are humid and swampy, but a girl can dream, right? That is, until scientists had to go and announce that El Nino might return this year. All I ask is that my perfect summer not be compromised.

El Nino, the warm phase (La Nina is the cool phase), is a recurring weather pattern associated with warmer ocean temperatures, particularly in the Pacific. The results are often dramatic, and include everything from floods to droughts. Generally, surface pressure rises around Australia, Indonesia, and the Indian Ocean, while air pressure falls over the central and eastern Pacific. South Pacific trade winds are affected. They move east and/or decrease, and as the warm water moves from west to east, the western Pacific experiences drought and the eastern Pacific sees a huge increase in rainfall—as well as mudslides and all of those fun rain-related events. All of this also impacts fishing, among other trades.


Godzilla Poster Celebrates The Beast’s Japanese Heritage

godzillaBefore you know it, everything printed on paper—books, napkins, towelettes, etc.—will be rounded up by the government, recycled, and then turned into Godzilla posters, which will then become our standard form of currency and identification. “This ATM has a fee of 3 Godzillas. Do you accept?” And you always accept, because Godzilla is king. A good king is one who pays respect to history, which is something Legendary and Warner Bros. have given attention to in this marketing campaign. The King of the Monsters was born in Japan, and his effortless destruction will always be one of that country’s greatest exports. What better way to show that than to consistently put out stunning posters?

The poster’s release was timed with Warner’s announcement that their upcoming WonderCon panel will focus on Godzilla, Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow, and the found footage disaster flick Into the Storm. Though the latter looks corny, the other two have the potential to be the most action-packed flicks of the year. We’re of course more interested in the King of the Monsters’ return to form from director Gareth Edwards, but there’s no denying Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity) and co-screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) can easily make a movie that could sway even the most venemous of Cruise abhorrers. Edge of Tomorrow dropped a new TV spot during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, so we can certainly expect to see new footage for all three of Warner’s films for their panel on Saturday, April 19 at the Anaheim Convention Center.