Godzilla Concept Art That Needs To Be Turned Into Posters, Stat

godzillaOne of the biggest complaints about Gareth Edwards’ rebooted Godzilla is that the mighty beast wasn’t onscreen enough, and while we halfway agree with that assessment here at GFR, we don’t look gift radioactive monsters in the mouth. Thankfully, a slew of new concept art designs have surfaced online, and almost all of them are focused to the monsters, making us want to revisit the destruction that Godzilla and the MUTOs caused. Why hasn’t LEGO gotten on producing a ripped apart San Francisco yet?

Visual effects studio Moving Picture Company are the ones behind these images (via ComicBookMovie), almost all of which would look extremely wonderful on the walls of my house. (Sorry, family pictures, but there are photo albums dedicated to you.) Not a lot going on in the top picture, admittedly, but they get better, and there’s something about the black-and-white presentation that make them even more attractive. Maybe they should make Godzilla 2 a colorless affair.


Star Wars: Episode VII’s Villains May Have Been Hiding In The Shadows All Along

Star WarsHey, did you know that there’s another Star Wars movie being made? I know, we were as shocked and surprised as you. Apparently the guy who created that Alias show (remember that?) is directing it. News is sparse, but a hot-off-the-presses report has a bunch of fresh rumors for you to mull over.

It should go without saying, but I’m going to throw this out there anyway, there are potential SPOILERS for Star Wars: Episode VII beyond this point. Use that information as you will.


Escape From New York Remake May Raid Cable For Its New Snake Plissken

snake plissken escape from new yorkHere at GFR, it’s still pretty blasphemous to use the phrase Escape from New York remake, but since Hollywood refuses to give up on it, we’ll just squeeze our eyes shut and hold our breath while saying it as fast as possible. For better or worse, there are rumors that Joel Silver’s production company Silver Pictures has a shortlist of three actors ready to take over the role of Snake Plissken, and none of them are Tom Hardy or Jason Statham. Those rumors also contain details about the film’s plot, which would see Snake heading a team, rather than just beating the shit out of everyone by himself.

But wait, don’t go away moping just yet. According to sources from Starlog, whose news we’re taking with a heaping spoonful of salt, Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam, former The Walking Dead star Jon Bernthal, and Downton Abbey‘s Dan Stevens are all in the mix to take over the role of cinema’s most iconic eyepatch-wearing badass. I’m going to wait a second before going over these choices to talk a little bit about what Starlog’s sources say about the plot.


Star Wars: Despecialized Edition: Watch One Fan Undo All George Lucas’ Mistakes

It seems like it happens every few years, but recently rumors began to make the rounds that Disney was going to release George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy, the unaltered versions—the ones we saw in the theaters as kids before he went back, added a bunch of crappy CGI, and made Han shoot first—on Blu-ray for the first time. We’ll get into why that’s probably not going to happen any time soon later, but one enterprising fan isn’t content to sit back and eat whatever scraps fall from the proverbial table.

A super fan who goes by the name of Harmy (which, once you hear his voice, is somehow oddly fitting) has taken it upon himself to manufacture an original version of the trilogy, which he calls Star Wars: Despecialized Edition. This featurette documents the process he is using to lovingly restore his favorite movies (at least I hope they’re his favorites, because this is going to take a lot of effort).


Snowpiercer Will Plow Through Your Blu-ray Player With Awesomeness This October

snowpiercerIt’s comforting that, despite Snowpiercer‘s awkward, bumbling train ride to theaters, the film is making its way to Blu-ray and DVD without a lot of fanfare or controversy. (Unless maybe your local Best Buy is only releasing it on days that begin with “S” or something.) Anchor Bay Entertainment and Radius have put together a solid package worthy of the dark spectacle that is Snowpiercer, with nary a Weinstein in sight.

The Snowpiercer Blu-ray/DVD hits store shelves on October 21 as a two-disc set with an assortment of special features to make the end of the world seem that much more enjoyable. (Though really, there are never enough features for a visually stunning movie like this.) The first disc obviously contains the film in gorgeous high definition, and though director Bong Joon-ho isn’t around for a South Korean commentary track, there is a special Critics’ Commentary with famed genre critic and former FEARNet.com mainstay Scott Weinberg. It’s almost always interesting to hear critics talk about films, as they tend to bring more joy to the proceedings than, say, a more fact-based track from a film historian would.


Was George R.R. Martin Partly Responsible For Chewbacca’s Iconic Look?

chewbaccaI’ll never understand why people are shocked when they find out one of their favorite things is just a slight rip off of something that came before. That’s how the world works, usually. And when that world is George Lucas’ Star Wars, it should surprise people even less. Stories have been circulating for years about how Chewbacca’s iconic design may have been inspired by a George R.R. Martin short story published in a July 1975 issue of Analog magazine. And it looks like those stories were right, at least in part.

When the brilliant artist Ralph McQuarrie first began designing Chewbacca, he looked like a bug-eyed alien that came from a planet populated by Salem’s Lot vampires, with a mouth perpetually open in shock. As McQuarrie put it, “George said he wanted Chewbacca to look like a lemur, so he had great big limpid eyes in some of my early sketches.”