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China’s Yutu Rover Hits The Surface Of The Moon

They haven’t found any monoliths yet.

10 years ago

Luna Ring

A Plan Make The Moon A Hub For Solar Power By Putting A Ring Around It

America may not be sending people to the moon anytime soon, but recently NASA has been interested in how we …

10 years ago

plants on the moon

NASA Will Try To Grow Plants On The Moon In 2015

In President Obama’s 2010 speech on the country’s space program, he undid the previous administration’s plan to send American astronauts …

10 years ago

annular solar eclipse

Catch Sunday’s Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse—It Won’t Happen Again For 159 Years

It’s a good thing we’re getting an extra hour tonight — I plan on waking up before 6:30 a.m. tomorrow …

10 years ago

Orion capsule mock-up

NASA Prepares Orion For Unmanned Flight Tests

Despite the government shutdown, NASA was able to continue working on the Orion, NASA’s next manned spacecraft. Before any humans …

10 years ago


The Moon Is Covered In Human Feces

Those of you who saw Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity this past weekend—and if the box office numbers are any indication there …

10 years ago


There May Be Habitable Moons Beyond Our Solar System

Stephen Hawking, like David Attenborough, believes earthlings are in for some tough times ahead. Hawking has said he thinks it’s …

10 years ago

NASA’s LADEE Moon Probe Puts On Show For The Eastern U.S.

Late Friday night, NASA launched a Minotaur V rocket carrying a lunar orbiter called LADEE (Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment …

10 years ago

China Will Land A Probe On The Moon By The End Of 2013

While we here at Giant Freakin’ Robot would never claim to be xenophobic, we admit that a good portion of …

10 years ago


The Moon Shows New Evidence Of Subsurface Water

When it comes to space science, finding water on the moon has been something of a holy grail to astronomers …

10 years ago

Jurassic Park

Beautiful Fan Made Posters For Most Of Your Favorite Movies

Fan art, taken as a whole, is a hit or miss proposition most days. There are some pieces that you …

11 years ago

apollo 11 back

Apollo 11 HD Photos Celebrate The Mission’s 44th Anniversary

One small snapshot for man…

11 years ago


Misson To The Moon’s South Pole Planned For 2016

It’s a big week for our moon, Earthlings. Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps onto the …

11 years ago


Victorian Observatory Where Early Moon Pictures Were Taken Is Getting An Extensive Restoration

It’s an image bred from naiveté, but whenever I mentally picture the Victoria Era, I see hoity-toity women walking around …

11 years ago

National Park On The Moon Proposed (Yosemite Is So Passé)

It’s one hell of a road trip, but sign me up! Why battle the crowds at Yosemite, Yellowstone, or the …

11 years ago

Last Video Of The Moon From Crashed NASA Spacecraft Ebb And Flow

If this were a real horror movie, and not that exercise in plot procrastination that was Apollo 18, then this …

11 years ago

Duncan Jones Does Live Twitter Commentary For Moon

One of the biggest advantages of the digital revolution has been the director’s commentary track. The special feature recording found …

11 years ago

European Space Agency Says NASA Is Planning To Return To The Moon Within A Decade

For the first time since 1972, NASA is planning to go back to the Moon. According to the European Space …

11 years ago

The US Planned To Nuke The Moon As A Show Of Cold War Might

It’s no secret that over the years governments have been involved in some pretty harebrained schemes. There have been scams, …

11 years ago

Today Is The 50th Anniversary Of JFK’s Moon Speech

Fifty years ago today, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy stood behind a podium at Rice University and dared us to put …

11 years ago

Mysterious Moon Bubbles Could Hold The Key To Radiation Shielding On Spacecraft

Mankind may have walked on it, zoomed around it, and thrown satellites into its surface, but the moon still has …

11 years ago

A Goodbye To Neil Armstrong, The Most Important Man Who Ever Lived

He wasn’t just the guy who happened to be first out of the airlock.

11 years ago

The Moon Was A Hit And Run Accident

For decades, scientists have accepted the explanation for the origins of the Moon involved a large Mars-sized object colliding with …

12 years ago