• Founded: September 4, 1998
  • Founded By: Larry Page & Sergey Brin
  • Owners Of: YouTubeAndroid

Latest Google News

Ashton Kutcher AI Movies Controversy Sparks After Remarks

Apart from fighting the studios for bigger salaries and streamers for royalties, one of the reasons why actors joined the …

7 days ago

The New Term For Unwanted AI Generated Content

Artificial intelligence is one of the most hot-button topics in the tech space, and it’s only going to become more …

1 month ago

Feds Demand Identity Of YouTube Users Who Watched Certain Videos

Federal authorities in the U.S. have ordered that Google hand over tens of thousands of names, addresses, phone numbers, and …

3 months ago

AI Accurately Predicts Floods, New Technology Conquering Weather?

AI weather prediction just took a step forward, according to Google’s latest announcement. The tech giant has developed an AI-assisted …

3 months ago

ai test

AI Realizes It’s Being Tested, Researcher Admits Never Seeing This Before

The fairly new chatbot Claude 3 Opus from Anthropic, a company backed by Google, surprised an AI testing researcher recently …

3 months ago

mark Zuckerberg AI

Mark Zuckerberg AI Terrifies Experts

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Meta, recently announced his intention to develop an AI to rival humans. He …

5 months ago

Starbucks Allegedly Stole Almost $1 Billion Through Deceptive App

Starbucks is now the center of a complaint to the Washington Attorney General’s office. Allegedly, Starbucks has been using its …

5 months ago

YouTube Slowing Down Loading On One Specific Web Browser?

YouTube appears to be making load times for its videos slightly more sluggish on the Firefox browser by Mozilla. This …

7 months ago

Google account

Google Getting Sued Because Their Ads Are So Annoying

These days, it seems like Google is taking a beating from all sides. More and more users are using ChatGPT …

11 months ago

Google Quantum Computer Is So Fast It’s Scary

What’s faster than a supercomputer? A Google quantum computer, that’s what. As reported by Science Alert, scientists trailblazing in the …

12 months ago

Google Paying Out Massive Settlement For People Who Searched Platform Over Seven Years

If you searched Google between 2006 to 2013 you may be entitled to a small payout.

1 year ago

tiktok ban

Social Media Companies Are Being Sued By A Maryland School

The major social media platform owners Google, Meta, ByteDance, and Snap are being sued by a public school system in Maryland for allegedly altering how children think and behave.

1 year ago

Google Android App Was Secretly Recording Users For Almost A Year

iRecorder – Screen Recorder, an Android app on the Google Play store, illegally downloaded and transmitted user audio.

1 year ago

Wendy’s Wants To Replace Workers With AI And Google Is Helping

Wendy’s drive-thrus will start using AI to take customer orders.

1 year ago

Google’s AI Says The Government Should Shutdown Google

Google’s Bard AI was asked by a security researcher if it would side with the U.S. Government or Google, prompting the AI to explain how its company used unfair policies to maintain a monopoly.

1 year ago

marvel's avengers

Marvel Planning Major Punishments For People They Find Leaking Information

Marvel has subpoenaed Reddit and Google for information on the person(s) who leaked the Ant-Man and the Wasp script and will presumably take legal action against them.

1 year ago

The Last Of Us Now Is Purposefully Infecting The Internet

The Last of Us teamed with Google to create a fake cordyceps infection in browsers whenever anyone searches for the show.

1 year ago

supreme court online

The Supreme Court Is About To Change How People Experience Online Life

The Supreme Court will hear a case that will determine whether Google’s recommendation algorithm violates the law.

1 year ago

detect AI

ChatGPT AI just Got Some Big Competition

Google announced their Bard AI, a direct competitor to the Microsoft funded ChatGPT.

1 year ago

TikTok To Be Pulled From Apple And Google Stores?

Sen. Michael Bennett has written to Apple and Google requesting they remove TikTok from their app stores.

1 year ago

amber heard

Amber Heard Receives Astonishing 2022 Record, But It’s Not A Good One

One study calls Amber Heard’s name the most Googled celebrity name of 2022.

1 year ago

johnny depp

Johnny Depp Tops A Surprising End Of Year List

Based on the sheer popularity of the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it wouldn’t be out of the …

2 years ago

amber heard johnny depp

Amber Heard Just Set An Impressive 2022 Record

Amber Heard is officially the most-Googled celebrity in America for 2022, thanks in large part to her televised defamation trial with ex Johnny Depp.

2 years ago

google account

Google Can’t Release Video-Making AI Because The Results Are Too Disgusting

Google will not release its AI video program, as the program has been pulling up sexual, violent, and racist videos.

2 years ago

Google Stadia Is Shutting Down

Google has finally announced its cloud-gaming platform, Google Stadia, is getting shuttered.

2 years ago

Google account

Google Paying A Massive Fine Because Of Its Search Engine?

The European Court of Justice has fined Google $4.18 billion for forcing Android makers to install Google products on their devices.

2 years ago

youtube kids

YouTube Kids App Exposing Children To Violence And Sexual Content?

YouTube Kids may not be sufficiently filtering out violent and sexual content from videos on the app, according to some parents.

2 years ago


TikTok Is A National Security Risk According To The FCC

TikTok is a beloved and controversial entertainment app, but it might be a danger to national security itself.

2 years ago


Google Is Deleting Visits To Abortion Clinics

Google is doing what it can to protect its user’s data, and they are doing this by now implementing an auto-delete location feature for anyone that has visited an abortion clinic.

2 years ago