Amber Heard Receives Astonishing 2022 Record, But It’s Not A Good One

One study calls Amber Heard's name the most Googled celebrity name of 2022.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

amber heard

Amber Heard achieved something pretty big in 2022, though all things considered, she probably wishes she hadn’t. According to a new report, the Aquaman star was the most Googled celebrity of 2022. This puts Heard in the same company as such debate-sparking entities as Will Smith, Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian, and her own ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The story comes from Evie Magazine, which got its info from CelebTattler‘s analysis of Google’s data. Their report puts Amber Heard as the number-one celeb Googled this past year; with the rest of the top five filled in ascending order by Johnny Depp, the late Queen Elizabeth II, quarterback Tom Brady, and reality TV star Kim Kardashian. Fittingly in the bottom spot listed by Evie, number 15 is arguably the least controversial name: Ryan Reynolds.

The fact that so many people Googled Amber Heard’s name this year is understandable. The actress was at the center of the most infamous courtroom drama of 2022: Depp’s defamation trial against her. Televised on CourtTV, the trial became the entertainment focal point for many and led to plenty of memes, most of which seemed to poke fun at the moment Heard recalls her dog stepping on a bee.

And who could forget the revelation that Johnny Depp‘s ex-wife allegedly just barely missed her toilet and instead crapped in her bed as Depp slept in it?

Neither Amber Heard nor Johnny Depp came out of the trial looking that great, but the difference was that the latter’s name had already been dragged through the mud for years. The trial gave Depp the chance to show the world his side of things, and as a result, Heard came out the other side looking that much more soiled. By the end of it, celebrities were coming out on Depp’s side publicly; some in subtle ways and others loudly and proudly.

amber heard

One thing many fans are likely still Googling Amber Heard’s name for to this day is to learn whether or not the actress will appear in next year’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Rumors have circulated for a while about Heard’s involvement in the film; from reports of a greatly reduced role to other rumors that her character Mera will either be recast or completely cut out of the movie.

What adds insult to Amber Heard’s injury is that the title of Most Googled Celebrity in 2022 may become yet one more thing her ex-husband takes away from her. While the numbers Evie used came from CelebTattler, Google itself announced its own official numbers and what they gave doesn’t match with CelebTattler’s info. In fact, according to USA Today, Google names Johnny Depp as not just the most Googled celebrity or actor in 2022, but the most Googled person this year.