Johnny Depp Tops A Surprising End Of Year List

By James Brizuela | Published

johnny depp

Based on the sheer popularity of the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that both ended up on the “most searched” actors list for Google in 2022. In fact, they came in first and second on the actor’s side of things. However, Depp was not only the most searched actor on Google in 2022 but the most searched person on Google in 2022.

Though Amber Heard was the second most actor on Google, she fell to #3 in the most searched people list. Johnny Depp sits alone at the top on both lists, making him the most searched person on the search engine for the entire year. Joining Depp and Heard on the most searched”people” list is Will Smith at #2, Heard at #3, Vladimir Putin at #4, and Chris Rock at #5.

The most searched people list is quite identical for most searched actors with Johnny Depp at #1, Amber Heard at #2, Will Smith at #3, Chris Rock at #4, and Jada Pinkett Smith at #5. Clearly, these lists are showing that people want drama in their lives, and the previously mentioned actors had nothing but drama appear in their lives throughout 2022. Granted, Chris Rock was pulled into drama by being slapped by Smith, but it was still quite a year for the man and the Oscars.

johnny depp

The defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard captured the world’s attention, with many tuning in to see what would come of it, including those who traveled the world over just to get a seat at the courthouse in Virginia where it took place. The result of that trial was overwhelmingly in favor of Depp, who walked away with damages coming to him in the form of $10.35 million. Heard would win one count of defamation from the trial and be awarded $2 million.

However, Johnny Depp has since gone back to court to get that decision overturned, and not have to pay Amber Heard that $2 million. Heard is also heading back to court to get the entire decision of the lawsuit overturned. While both had claimed they would move on with their lives despite the decision made by the court, it appears we are going to see them in court for the foreseeable future.

Johnny Depp may have lost out on some high-profile acting gigs because of the trial, but he is slowly working his way back into the limelight, as he has a new movie called Jeanne du Barry coming out. He will be portraying King Louis XV in the movie. He was also part of the Rihanna Savage x Fenty fashion show that took place a few months ago and released a new album with legendary rocker Jeff Beck.

Despite the issues that Johnny Depp while in court, and before that infamous trial took place, he was one of the world’s biggest actors. Now, he has become an icon once again, and with a new rock album out, fashion show prowess, and a new movie on the way, we would say he is doing just fine these days.