Dune: Part Three

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Dune Part 3, or Dune Messiah will continue this epic story in one of the best franchises around.

Dune 3 Cast

With Dune: Part Two‘s success, Hollywood insiders could be forgiven for casting their gaze toward the future, anticipating the next chapter in director Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic sci-fi novels.

And Dune fans rejoice: Villeneuve has confirmed his plans to adapt the second book in the series, Dune Messiah, and has already begun realizing Dune: Part Three.

But the production landscape and screenwriting process benefit from explanation seeing as how this franchise is a bit different from some others. 

Dune: Part Three Coming Sooner Than Later?

Villeneuve is a modern-day auteur known for his meticulous approach and contemplative, expansive storytelling. Reportedly, the director is currently juggling three working scripts post-Dune: Part Two. 

Still, it’s evident that the third installment in the franchise will emerge from the sands, perhaps sooner rather than later. The French Canadian director has indicated that the script for the next chapter is almost completed. 

In the news sure to excite sci-fi fans, Villeneuve allegedly only needs to refine the Dune: Part Three script a little further before it meets his exacting standards. 

At the world premiere of the latest Dune film, Villeneuve voiced the need to produce a compelling screenplay. Quality, he implied, takes immeasurable precedence over haste. Of course, this dedication is much welcome in an industry where speed and box office bucks matter more than substance. 

Room To Breathe

Indeed, while Villeneuve agreed to create the first two Dune films back-to-back, he’s maintained that he needs some room to breathe before moving on to a third installment.

In other words, he needs a respite to process what he’s been through and calibrate the way forward for Dune: Part Three. 

Not only will the director prioritize engaging filmmaking over rushing a movie to the theaters, but he’s also joined in his writing efforts for the next Dune film by his previous collaborators Eric Roth and Jon Spaihts. The two, as fans know, helped pen the prior two Dune films. 

Warner Bros Fasttracking?

dune: part three

However, Warner Bros.—seeing dollar signs—may fast-track the next installment. Villeneuve, too, has hinted at reshuffling his schedule to accelerate production, meaning Dune: Part Three could arrive as soon as 2027.

On the other hand, given the director’s penchant for taking his time and ensuring quality, a more realistic date is probably 2030. 

The film will likely stick to the novel as much as possible plot-wise; Villeneuve, after all, has been nothing if not faithful to his source material (this fidelity is a strength of the films). 

Dune Messiah

dune: part three

Dune Messiah continues the tale of Paul Atreides, focusing on the complexities and moral quandaries of his reign over Arrakis and the galaxy.

The story resumes roughly 12 years after the events of the first book and follows Paul’s reign as Emperor of the Known Universe after his victory over the Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV. 

At the beginning of Dune Messiah, and thus likely at the beginning of Dune: Part Three, Paul sends jihad of conquering Fremen across the galaxy, leading to untold death and destruction in his name. This galaxy-wide slaughter forces the new Emperor to struggle with the ethical implications of his actions and the future he has foreseen. 

New Challenges

dune: part three

Meanwhile, as any good Dune narrative should entail, intrigues abound, betrayals are constant, and the complex dynamics of power and prophesy interweave.

Paul must weather new challenges from several factions, including the Bene Gesserit, the Spacing Guild, and the Tleilaxu (a nefarious order famed for their prowess in genetic engineering), all of whom strive to dethrone him. 

Dune: Part Three, Another Brilliant Film?

dune: part three

At the same time, Paul struggles with his visionary abilities, both a gift and a curse, which both reveal the future yet seemingly chain him to it. His relationship with Chani, his Fremen concubine, alongside his desire for a legitimate heir, also evolve into central themes. 

Ultimately, for Dune: Part Three, we can trust Villeneuve to deftly adapt the crucial elements of Dune Messiah and create another brilliant film. We can’t wait.

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