• Release: August 19, 2022
  • Created By: Vanessa Gazy
  • Streamer: Netflix
Echoes Cast News

When it comes to stellar television shows available for streaming, Netflix seems always to be ahead of the game. With hit series like Never Have I Ever, Ginny & Georgia, Wednesday, and Kaleidoscope, the streamer has something for every television fan. The latest cast to join Netflix in the limited series genre is that of Echoes, a mystery thriller fit for a soap opera theme. And the cast of Echoes, a television show that’s made some waves, has lived up to the streamer’s recent work.

Echoes depicts the story of identical twins who harbor a secret that could upend their lives. Deceiving their loved ones by swapping lives since they were young, twins Leni and Gina McCleary think they have the world under control. That is until one of the twins goes missing, and it’s a race against the clock to figure out this new whodunit.

Released on Netflix in August 2022, Echoes became a popular series to binge over the course of seven episodes on the platform. However, critics and audiences have not been kind to the television show since it premiered. Rotten Tomatoes currently ranks the limited series with a Tomatometer score of 23 percent and an Audience Score of 42 percent.

Regardless of Echoes’ reception, the series should be lauded for its impressive look at a new kind of mystery thriller. With an all-star cast, Echoes is a television show for the ages. Here is a look at the cast of Echoes television show and where you might have seen these actors before.


Michelle Monaghan – Leni McCleary & Gina McCleary

Cast of Echoes Television Show

In a dual role that sees actor Michelle Monaghan playing opposite herself in many scenes as part of the ensemble cast of Echoes television show, the talented performer plays twin sisters Leni and Gina McCleary.

Viewed as the protagonists in the series, the two sisters have conned everyone they’ve ever known throughout their lives by swapping positions due to their identical looks and sounds.

This game catches up with them when Leni goes missing, and Gina must confront the demons of their past in order to find her. Hiding the truth from children and significant others is par for the course for Leni and Gina. But, the series does a fantastic job of hiding which sister is where at any given moment, tricking the audience until a showdown in the final episode.

Cast of Echoes Television Show

Michelle Monaghan burst onto the scene starring opposite Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer in 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, also a neo-noir crime project. She has seen her star rise in films like Gone Baby Gone, Eagle Eye, and Patriots Day, starring alongside some of Hollywood’s most extraordinary leading men. Her work in the Mission: Impossible franchise has brought her international attention.

Monaghan took her acting talents to the small screen by costarring in the first season of True Detective with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The role allowed Monaghan to expand into more television parts, which will continue when she stars in the upcoming series Bad Monkey for Apple TV+.

Matt Bomer – Jack Beck

Cast of Echoes Television Show

Singer and actor Matt Bomer joined the cast of Echoes television show by playing the pivotal role of rancher Jack Beck, the husband to Leni McCleary. Jack and Leni share a daughter named Mattie, and the three live comfortable lives in North Carolina. He has been with Leni since they were in high school, and at times he has intimate moments with Gina when she swapped positions with Leni.

Matt Bomer is a staple in many of Ryan Murphy’s productions, having acted in the stage and screen adaptations of Murphy’s The Boys in the Band alongside Jim Parsons and Zachary Quinto.

According to NBC News, Bomer was recently included in the list of many actors that Ryan Murphy looks up to, as the famous producer gave an acceptance speech at the 2023 Golden Globes.

A veteran of the Magic Mike franchise, Bomer first caught the attention of viewers with his good looks and charm on the television series Chuck. He moved into a lead role with the show White Collar, playing con artist Neal Caffrey.

Bomer has recently been cast in Bradley Cooper’s biographical film about composer Leonard Bernstein entitled Maestro, which is due to be released on Netflix in 2023. He will next be featured in the historical miniseries Fellow Travelers alongside Bridgerton actor Jonathan Bailey.

Karen Robinson – Sheriff Louise Floss

Cast of Echoes Television Show

A veteran sheriff who has known Gina and Leni McCleary since they were kids, actor Karen Robinson personifies Louise Floss as part of the cast of Echoes. Taking it upon herself to formally investigate Leni’s disappearance, Sheriff Floss brings her own sense of history with the McClearys to the series. Sheriff Floss is a bold but understanding character who is determined to uncover every detail to discover the truth.

Karen Robinson is no stranger to television, costarring in the critically acclaimed series Schitt’s Creek as Ronnie Lee. Also in 2022, Robinson starred in the Peacock television show The Calling and can be seen continuing her role in the Freevee Original series Pretty Hard Cases as Edwina Shanks.


Daniel Sunjata – Charlie Davenport

Cast of Echoes Television Show

As Gina’s husband, Charlie Davenport, actor Daniel Sunjata plays around with the doting husband role. In his professional life, Charlie is a therapist and is caring even when Gina probably expects him to be a little more hot-tempered. Charlie is passionate about his marriage to Gina and comfortable in his own skin.

Daniel Sunjata started his acting career naked on the Broadway stage in the 2003 production of Take Me Out, for which he was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play.

He had a notable recurring role in the television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as CSU Technician Burt Trevor before jumping over to the fire department show Rescue Me. Sunjata is most likely best remembered as James Holt in The Devil Wears Prada opposite Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep.

Outside of Echoes, Daniel Sunjata has been a part of the television show Power Book II: Ghost in Season 2, which currently airs on Starz.

Ali Stroker – Claudia McCleary

The third McCleary sister and the oldest of the bunch, actor Ali Stroker portrays Claudia McCleary and takes part in the ensemble cast of Echoes. Claudia is paralyzed due to a childhood accident, choosing to hate Gina because of it and growing closer to Leni in the process. She lives with the McClearys’ father and might become integral to Leni’s disappearance.

Ali Stroker competed on the reality show The Glee Project, where she earned a guest speaking role on Ryan Murphy’s Glee. A stage actor, Stroker won the Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical for the show Oklahoma! in 2019, becoming the first actor who primarily uses a wheelchair to win the award.

She appeared in several episodes of the Netflix drama Ozark and the Hulu series Only Murders in the Building.

Jonathan Tucker – Dylan James

Actor Jonathan Tucker plays the character of Dylan James in the cast of Echoes, a likable presence in television and film for more than two decades. Dylan has loved Gina since high school and has been a fixture in the twin sisters’ lives for years. Mysterious in his own right, Dylan’s sudden emergence when Gina is in Mount Echo stirs up emotions from their past.

Notable for appearing in hit television shows like Kingdom, Parenthood, Royal Pains, and Westworld, Jonathan Tucker might best be known to film audiences for his portrayal of Hodak in the 2019 reboot of Charlie’s Angels.

Tucker will next be seen in the crime thriller God Is a Bullet, costarring Jamie Foxx and January Jones.

Celia Weston – Georgia Taylor

Dylan’s grandmother Georgia Taylor is played by Celia Weston, who unites the cast of Echoes by way of a four-decade-long career in show business. Strong-willed and a seemingly positive figure in Dylan’s life, Georgia is the backbone of their family.

Celia Weston has starred in a number of hit films, with 1995’s Dead Man Walking, 2001’s In the Bedroom, and 2015’s The Intern, to name a few. She had a recurring role as Cameron Tucker’s mom on Modern Family and recently costarred alongside Renée Zellweger in the limited series The Thing About Pam.

Rosanny Zayas – Deputy Paula Martinez

The deputy to Sheriff Louise Floss, the character of Paula Martinez is embodied by actor Rosanny Zayas, who fills out the cast of Echoes with charm and a hint of suspicion. She befriends Leni but tends to be fearful of which twin she might be talking to at any given moment.

While most everyone calls her Deputy Martinez, she keeps trying to get them to call her Paula, although it often sounds informal to others.

Rosanny Zayas has shown her talents on various television shows, including The L Word: Generation Q, which she currently stars on as Sophie Suarez.

Michael O’Neill – Victor McCleary

Victor McCleary, the father to the McCleary sisters and the patriarch of the family, is portrayed by Michael O’Neill. Rounding out the cast of Echoes, 71-year-old O’Neill plays Victor as a desperate man searching for a way to mend his kids’ relationships. Understanding of secrets from the family’s past, Victor harbors resentment and attempts to hide secrets of his own from those closest to him.

Michael O’Neill has played many characters in television and on film, including successful projects like Dallas Buyers Club, The West Wing, Scandal, and The Messiah with his onscreen daughter Michelle Monaghan.


Madison Abbott & Victoria Abbott – Teenage Leni McCleary & Gina McCleary

The cast of Echoes had to get used to the filmmakers making use of flashback scenes to Leni and Gina’s childhood, most notably with their teenage selves portrayed by real twins Madison and Victoria Abbott. Madison has recently appeared in Impeachment: American Crime Story, while the two sisters have starred in the supernatural horror comedy show Geisting.

Hazel Mason and Ginger Mason – Young Leni McCleary & Gina McCleary

In several episodes where the cast of Echoes goes even further back in time, actors Hazel and Ginger Mason play child versions of Leni and Gina McCleary. Twins in real-life, the Mason siblings have acted in Steven Spielberg’s The Post and the television series The Blacklist.

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