William Shatner Is Being Turned Into An A.I.

Generations to come will now be able to have conversations with William Shatner himself.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Would you like to be able to sit across a table from William Shatner and ask him what the meaning of life is? StoryFile and Shatner decided this was important. So important, in fact, that Shatner went to their Los Angeles studio and answered their questions for five days straight. Now, the company has used artificial intelligence technology to make real conversations with William Shatner possible for people today and into the future. Users who want to interact with the actor can sign up to be notified on StoryFile’s website when the Shatner experience will be available to interact with.

For now, you can watch the brief YouTube video below to get a look behind the scenes at what was involved in making the experience come to life.

The StoryFile experience is meant to give you the real experience of a conversation with William Shatner. Instead of using his simulated voice with answers guessed by a machine, these videos are more extensive. They attempt to cover as many possible questions a person may have for the A.I. and then give robust, natural-sounding answers. It seems like five days may not be enough to cover every possible question someone may have for the actor, but where they don’t have clear answers, they have planned out ones that still sound natural conversationally.

StoryFile doesn’t just aim to create these experiences with celebrities like Wiliam Shatner. They hope to use artificial intelligence technology to allow people to preserve their family history, provide educational training, and highlight museum exhibits. During December 2020, they used their technology to create an AI Santa Claus. They’ve also worked to preserve the stories of Holocaust survivors. Clearly, they’re aiming to show the diverse reach their company can offer.

His time with StoryFile was part of William Shatner’s 90th birthday celebrations. While it is guessed that a lot of the questions likely cover his time on Star Trek, the questions StoryFile has revealed show that they cover his thoughts on his life, family, and on life in general. When talking about the partnership with StoryFile, Shatner focused on how this experience was a gift to the future generations in his life.

captain kirk

As the actor who played Captain Kirk for Star Trek: The Original Series, William Shatner has been able to be on the forefront of a lot of exciting things in technology. Over the years, we’ve seen him have casual chats with NASA on Twitter. It would be hard to find an astronaut who hasn’t at least watched Star Trek. It makes sense that the actor would be asked to lead the way with a company focused on this type of artificial intelligence technology.

And William Shatner is not afraid of diving into diverse projects. Outside of his recent time being recorded for the AI experience, he was also recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Yes, WWE, as in World Wrestling Entertainment. The actor was part of a production back in 1995 against Jerry “The King” Lawler and now that moment has been commemorated. It’s hard to imagine there is ever a dull day when you’re William Shatner.

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