…And We’re Back To The Future, Giant Freakin Robot Reactivated

By Josh Tyler | 1 year ago

Giant Freakin Robot has always been activated by a passion for the future. If you’re visiting this portal, it’s because you want to know what’s happening next almost as much as we do.  

Now that we’re back, we’ll stomp our way into the future more boldly than ever.

Stomping the future

Where have we been? In 2015 Giant Freakin Robot was sold to investors who in theory would push forward into the future. That didn’t happen.

Instead, since the sale Giant Freakin Robot has been switched off. Deactivated. A static memorial to what once was.

A few months ago, after successfully completing an exit from my other companies, I got fed up and bought it back.  

Now we’re switching systems back on with a new focus and a new dedication to the future.  But we aren’t doing things the way they’ve been done before. Building a new team of both old and new faces, we’re doing things your way.

What you’ll find on the new Giant Freakin Robot are in-depth, and most of all useful, articles about the future. Whether it’s the way entertainment portrays the future or it’s articles about the real world future yet-to-come in science and technology, everything we bring you on GiantFreakinRobot.com will always be interesting, useful, and complete.

What you won’t find on the new Giant Freakin Robot are basic breaking news stories which could have been conveyed in one headline, bloated up into 700 word articles which bury the lead three paragraphs in, as a way to inflate the time you spend on pages and generate ad revenue.

Giant Freakin Robot will still cover breaking news of interest to our readers, but if a story isn’t worthy of an in-depth article we won’t write one. Instead, we’ll relay the story in a simple and informative headline on our Twitter feed or our Facebook Page.  Follow us there to make sure you don’t miss anything. 

Our pledge to you: Giant Freakin Robot will dedicate all its energy to your future. We will answer the questions you have, create questions you haven’t thought of asking yet, and inform you about the future you’re as passionate about seeing as we are. 

Giant Freakin Robot

Giant Freakin Robot is back and we’re stomping boldly into the future. You’ll want to keep up.

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