The Best Jobs For The Future: 2020’s Hottest Tech Careers

Start planning now, these are the best jobs for the future.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Best Jobs For The Future

As we turn the page to a new decade, so turns the tech industry. New technologies and the rising demands of customers are putting the want and need of skilled tech workers at the front of many technology industries. So what’s the best job for the future? No surprise, it’s going to be in tech.

There are plenty of tech jobs to be had out there and the list continues to grow. With the want of these companies to streamline their workflow and boost business, it does not appear that the need will slow down any time soon. In fact, growth looks to be the only way to go. With that in mind, we have put together a list of the hottest, highly sought-after jobs in the tech industry. If your talents lean in this direction, the options are plenty. Start applying and make more money

These top jobs have been curated from various sources using our own algorithms and represent some of the top tech jobs leading us into the next decade. These are the best jobs for the future.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer

These two very high in demand career options are presented together as they are areas that overlap and as technology is beginning to focus on the technology field of automation. While these fields overlap, they differ in how they use data. AI is Alexa and Siri. It focuses on developing systems that recognize their surroundings and can communicate with them. Engineers in machine learning use data to create systems and algorithms which apply knowledge and learn with or without the need for human involvement. If AI is the future as so many people think, then this is the job of the future.


JOB GROWTH – 344% since 2015

Information Security Analyst 

As technology advances and businesses become completely reliant on computers and digital information, the need for security analysts continues to grow. There is no shortage of hackers who would love nothing more to steal any and all personal and financial information for their own benefit. With the cyber threats an overwhelming reality, these analysts are essential in protecting sensitive company information and user’s personal data. Those threats will always be there, which makes this a lock as one of the most needed jobs of the future.


JOB GROWTH – 32% through 2028

Data Scientist 

A data scientist is the culmination of the evolution of a data analyst. A fairly new field, a data scientist came about as big data started to grow and evolve. More than just analyzing was needed to make sense of the unstructured information businesses deal with. A data scientist has the ability to dig deep and come up with insights that will eventually help businesses bottom line.



Software Developer

This job may quite possibly be the most understated job on this tech list. It’s understated because we use the work of a developer more than we realize. Our internet browser, the apps on our phones, computer games, video games, the list is endless. Look around and you’ll realize just how much a role software developers play a part in our daily lives. We won’t see this growth end any time soon, making this one of the top jobs of the future.


JOB GROWTH – 21% through 2028

Computer Research Scientist 

A computer research scientist typically holds a Ph.D. and is an expert in the field of computer science. They will not spend much time at all typing code or designing apps but spend many years studying computation theory, algorithms, formal languages, and data structures so they can come up with clever ways to tackle and solve the most difficult problems within computer science. The projected job growth for this in-depth position is steady and strong for the future.


JOB GROWTH – 16% through 2028

Web Developer

With many businesses wanting an online presence, web developers are becoming a popular field. A web developer must have experience and knowledge of multiple operating systems and programming languages. This knowledge will be used by the web developer to create websites based on a client’s specifications. As a future career path for just about anyone, this looks bright.


JOB GROWTH – 13% through 2028

Information Technology Manager 

An IT Manager’s job is to focus on the information technology sector of a company. They will coordinate, plan, make purchases, anything and everything for the IT Department. They are also responsible to look for ways in improving the IT systems. They will typically be in charge of some highly skilled technical individuals.


JOB GROWTH – 11% through 2028

Computer Systems Analyst 

With the rapid change in technology, computer system analysts are an important part of the technology field and the jobs of the future. These analysts come in and take a hard look at a company’s computer systems and procedures. From there, they will design a more efficient way for the company to operate. Because they work with both the IT and business side, these analysts must possess a computer and business background.


JOB GROWTH – 9% through 2028

Database Administrator

A very important position within an organization as Database Administrators are charged with making sure the company’s databases run efficiently as well as making sure they are well secured. They are responsible for the organization of the data and how it is stored. A Database Administrator will also need to have an understanding of database language, whichever programming language the company uses.


JOB GROWTH – 9% through 2028

Tech Sales Engineer 

At the moment, the demand for good tech sales engineers is high. This position could be a great and lucrative way to jump into the tech industry without having to learn code. Instead, a tech sales engineer delivers technical presentations to potential customers, while also assessing their needs and system requirements.


JOB GROWTH – 6% through 2028

Network and Computer Systems Admin

These are handlers of the day-to-day technology operations. With computer systems design representing the largest growth for network administrators, this job is going to be in the need for a very long time, making it one of the best jobs of the future.


JOB GROWTH – 5% through 2028

Cloud Engineer

More and more companies are moving away from the traditional server route and switching over to cloud solutions. A cloud engineer job is becoming the rage with its competitive pay and need. These engineers focus on designing, the installation, and the maintenance of IT cloud systems. Job growth numbers are not covered as this is a fairly new field but with companies choosing cloud solutions, this job market is poised to stay hot far into the future.



Java Developer

Java is an extremely popular programming language useful for many programs that include finances, research, building Android apps and much more. A developer will develop and test programs and is used in so many big companies that job opportunities will continue to grow for a long time into the future.