Weekend Roundup: Lightsaber Boomerangs, Wesley’s Sweater, And An Inexplicable Tank Girl Homage

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

DownUnderWelcome back to GFR’s Weekend Round-Up, where we shovel up a week’s worth of stories we didn’t get around to, load them into the patented GFR t-shirt plasma cannon, and launch a ball of superheated awesome right straight at your eyeholes. Here we go!


  • What do you get if you turn Star Wars Australian? Boomerang lightsabers, of course. Check out the trailer for the 30-minute fan film Star Wars Downunder.

  • Craving something that will merge your love of Star Wars with your love of old-school tabletop RPG awesomeness? Check out Edge of Empire via this in-depth preview from the folks at io9.


  • Darth Vader riding a unicycle playing a flaming set of bagpipes? Darth Vader riding a unicycle playing a flaming set of bagpipes.




  • Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim was chock full of giant monsters, but those giant monsters also had all manner of little monsters crawling around on them. Here’s a video all about the making of said freaky parasite critters.


  • Scientists could use artificial intelligence to help predict deadly flu outbreaks.
  • Here’s the sun being awesome, spitting out a truly epic coronal mass ejection. The shot has been colorized to “indicate the intensity of the matter being ejected by the Sun. White represents the greatest intensity, red/orange somewhat less, and blue the least.” Wowzers.



  • A musical supercut tribute to “percussive maintenance” — the art of fixing broken things by hitting them.

  • Remember Tank Girl? Apparently Avril Lavigne does, because she’s got a whole Tank Girl thing going on in her latest video. She also makes out with Winnie Cooper, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

  • Do you think the world needs an official Lego Knight Rider set? Vote your support here!

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