Walking Dead Creator Kirkman On The Future Of Woodbury

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago



Season three of The Walking Dead will soon come to a close, with only four more episodes left in the season. There has been some speculation that the zombie series might move away from the prison setting when the new season starts in October. The prison is a very small section of the comic book series, so it stands to reason that our group of zombie survivalists may well move on at the end of season three.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Walking Dead creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman teased what’s in store for Rick Grimes and his group when season three ends. The story has been building towards a final showdown between Rick and the Governor, but Kirkman suggests that there will be a narrative resolution soon. Kirkman says:

I don’t want to give anything away because we have some really cool stuff planned for the finale, but I will say that there is a resolution to the storyline at the end of the season, as people would expect. It becomes a whole complete story that you’ve been able to experience over the course of season 3. And It will set things up nicely for season 4. There are new places to go in season 4, but whether or not that means a new setting or new story direction or simply new characters I can’t really nail down any specifics.

Whether it be the CDC at the end of season one or Hershel’s farm at the end of season two, every season of The Walking Dead sees our group traveling to new places and encountering new situations, so it seems like season four would follow suit.

In the comic book, the group eventually leaves the prison for Washington D.C. after Glenn discovers a Safe Zone near Virginia. It’s unclear if this will be the direction of season four, but it’s most likely Rick’s group will not be in the prison at the end of season three.

The Walking Dead episode 13, “Arrow on the Doorpost,” will air on Sunday, March 10th on AMC.