The Tomorrow People Releases An Extended Preview

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

When the new television season kicks off this fall, there will be a strong showing on the science fiction front. There should be a little something for everyone, including that oh so important teenage demographic. The CW is reworking the classic British series The Tomorrow People for modern American audiences, and the network has released an extended preview.

Clocking in at more than four minutes, this is a pretty thorough introduction. You meet all of the key players, both good and bad, the story is introduced, and the main conflict of the series is set. In reality, it seems like this video may even give away a few details and plot points that you would normally get in the course of the show.

Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell, who is so obviously a teenager) is in high school. This is a traumatic enough time for everyone, let alone a kid who may or may not be crazy. He wakes up in strange places, including other people’s beds, and there are voices, or at least one voice, in his head. On the plus side, the voice he hears is a sexy lady, so there’s that. This poses an important question, when the voice that no one else can hear tells you that you’re not crazy, do you believe it? Stephen must, because when he follows her directions, he meets an underground group, including a guy with unfortunate white boy dreads. These are the Tomorrow People, who are essentially mutants—there are echoes of X-Men all over this series—and the next stage of human evolution. Turns out Stephen is one of them, and his powers are beginning to manifest, which comes in handy when you drop your toothbrush or need to escape from a lunatic madman.

As you can imagine, there are factions of closed minded jackasses who don’t like the Tomorrow People very much. In this iteration, Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino), the leader of a group called Ultra, embodies these forces. He sees these kids as a threat to the human way of life, and, as he tells Stephen, is simply evil, plain and simple. I really hope they do something more with his character than that, because that’s way too easy and won’t sustain you’re interest for very long.

Because this is the CW, you know there’s bound to be some moody drama. For instance, Stephen’s dad, who he always thought was a deadbeat, shows up, as one of the Tomorrow People. That’ll up the angsty teenage stakes some. I really do hope this show is a success, it’ll be nice to have more sci-fi themed shows on the air, but I’m going to have to be convinced, and so far, nothing I’ve seen has sold me.

Based on the British series that ran from 1973 to 1979, this isn’t the first time The Tomorrow People has been remade. There was one in 1992 that re-imagined the concept, while one that ran from 2001 to 2007 returned to the original idea and characters.

The Tomorrow People debuts on Wednesday, October 9, at 9pm.