Star Wars: Darth Vader And The Ghost Prison Trailer Hypes Hardcover Comic Collection

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

One of the more exciting elements of the Disney/Lucasfilm buyout is the prospect of seeing more of the Star Wars universe, of getting to explore corners of it we’ve never seen on the big screen before. With Disney approaching the Star Wars franchise the same way they have the Marvel films, who knows what the future of George Lucas’ creation has to offer? Of course, die-hard Star Wars fans have been diving deeper into the galaxy far, far away for decades now, courtesy of the massive amount of “Expanded Universe” content available in books, comics, games, you name it. Now one of the more notable recent EU entries is getting a snazzy new hardcover release: Dark Horse’s Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison.

Written by Haden Blackman and with art by Agustin Alessio, the five-issue comic series is set in the early years of the Empire, when the Rebellion is still in its infancy. After somebody tries to assassinate Emperor Palpatine, Vader teams up with an Imperial cadet to get to the bottom of things. Dark Horse is releasing a hardcover collection of Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison, and they’ve used Alessio’s original artwork to create a trailer for the release.

You can preorder a copy of the book from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. There looks to be some confusion about the release date, however. Dark Horse’s website says it’s out March 27th, but Amazon and B&N both say April 9th. Either way, this looks to be worth checking out for any Star Wars lover.

You can check out the cover and some pages from the book below.