Star Wars Into Darkness Mash-Up Trailer

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Since J.J. Abrams has the power of both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises at his command, there was bound to be some spill-over. Both properties have their fair share of fans and mythology, and now both have Abrams at the helm. It was just a matter of time before someone created a Star Wars and Star Trek mash-up video. And now it’s here! Here’s the new trailer for Star Wars Into Darkness

The trailer was made by UK’s The Unusual Suspects, and it captures the general tone of the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, mixed with images from the original Star Wars trilogy. It features Michael Giacchino’s score for the upcoming Star Trek sequel film and a Yoda voice-over. Just imagine, within the next two years we’re going to get a trailer very similar to this for Star Wars: Episode VII.

The nod at the very beginning of the trailer, acknowledging the approval of both Trekkies and Jedis alike, is a very nice touch. Overall, it seems like everyone should be excited for the new Star Wars movie, because it just has to be better than anything George Lucas has given us with the prequel trilogy.

Abrams has a penchant for melding keen storytelling with heartfelt characters, and that’s something that has been missing from the Star Wars saga as of late. This trailer really reflects what J.J. Abrams could do with the Star Wars franchise.

Here’s the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser trailer, for comparison’s sake.

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