Star Wars 1313 Creative Director Explains Why You Won’t Be Playing As A Jedi

By Brian Williams | Published

Single-player Star Wars games, much like the movies, have a checkered history. For every Knights of the Old Republic you have a Masters of Teras Kasi, for every X-Wing you have a Jedi Starfighter, and the list goes on. After the uninspiring slashfest that was The Force Unleashed, LucasArts’ newest action/adventure title, Star Wars 1313, (so far) looks like a swing in a positive direction for Star Wars games. The graphics look amazing, the gameplay looks fun, but the most exciting aspect of the game so far is that for the first time in a really long time, we get to play a single-player Star Wars game where the hero isn’t a Jedi.

In a recent interview for Playstation Official Magazine UK, Dominic Robillard, the Creative Director of Star Wars 1313, says that they wanted to tell a tale in the Star Wars Universe that had a grounded hero. Robillard believes that the gameplay will be more exciting with a character that can be believably killed but who also has amazing abilities through the environment and the gadgets that he wields. This is pretty much the complete opposite of what was done in the last big Star Wars single-player game, The Force Unleashed, where you were given control of what was supposed to be a super-charged force user whose lightsaber always seemed to be set on lukewarm (pun intended). With its lack of a Jedi protagonist and the criminal underworld of Coruscant as the setting, this new game doesn’t look to be as fiction-breaking as others have been in the past.

There is no firm release date on Star Wars 1313 yet, but since it was first unveiled at E3 of this year, it will probably be at least 2013 before it hits the store shelves, if not later.