Before JJ Abrams Star Trek’s Prequel Was About Kirk’s Ancestor In An Earth-Romulan War

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

StealingEnterpriseStealing starships runs in the Kirk bloodline.
With The Beginning set decades before Original Series, there’s much made of the fact that they can’t travel as fast, and thus many of Earth’s vessels are going to take a while to get back to the Sol system and help in the homeworld’s defense. Earth throws everything it’s got at the Romulans, but they’re still getting slaughtered because the Romulans are using unmanned, cloakable drones to blast the hell out of the planet and any spacecraft that get in their way.

That speed limit becomes a key part of the third act because Chase gets the idea to travel to the Romulan home system and stage a counterattack in hopes of drawing some the fleet away from Earth long enough for everybody to regroup. See, the UESN just happens to have an experimental vessel called the USS Spartan, which is theoretically capable of breaking the warp 5 barrier. That’s important, because that would allow them to reach Romulus before the rest of the Romulan fleet can reach Earth. Chase pitches his idea up the chain of command, only to have it smacked right back at him. So, in a move that would make his descendant James Tiberius Kirk proud, Chase acquires a nuclear bomb from his shady species-ist father, hijacks the Spartan out of spacedock, and hauls ass for Romulus.

As the script concludes, Chase has dropped the Spartan and a dose of atomic hellfire on the Romulan military command base, then escaped inside a stolen Romulan patrol ship. Yes, we think Kirk would have gotten along with Tiberius Chase just fine.

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