First Riddick TV Spot Reminds You To Be Afraid Of The Dark

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Vin Diesel’s latest turn as the badass space outlaw Riddick is set to bring a little bit of sci-fi ass kicking to the latter part of our summer movie season. The third chapter of the “Furyan Chronicles” doesn’t storm theaters until September 6, but, partially due to the film’s impending visit to San Diego Comic-Con later this month, we’ve been getting a fair amount of promotional material to gawk at and drool over. So far there have been posters, photos, and trailers, and today brings us our first honest to god TV spot for the action heavy film.

This quick commercial plays like a condensed version of the trailer, hitting on all the key points. For example, it mentions how often Riddick has been left for dead and counted out. That shot where his hand comes to life and grabs that monster bird thing hasn’t gotten old yet. He’s also spent most of his adult life being pursued in one form or another, usually by bounty hunters, another key component of this video, and the film in general. And then there’s the fact that he can see in the dark. If you’re out to get Riddick, you want to make sure you get him in the daylight, because when the sun goes down, his surgically enhanced eyes give him a distinct advantage. All in all, this gives you most of what you need to know, plus throws in some action and monsters just to sweeten the deal.

Put all these pieces together, and you have the bare bones of Riddick’s plot. He’s alone on what he thinks is a deserted planet, there are vicious monsters, he fights them, in order to escape he must alert the bounty hunters to his whereabouts. Simple, straightforward, and far less convoluted than the last film, The Chronicles of Riddick. In fact, this stripped down nature, more in line with the first film in the franchise, Pitch Black, is one of big selling points of the film. That and what we’ve been assured is a hard-R rating.

Most likely we’ll get a blast of new marketing to pour over up through Comic-Con, but since a proper release isn’t far off, we should see a steady stream of Riddick leading us into September. And I, for one, am just fine with that.

Directed by David Twohy, Riddick also stars Karl Urban, Katee Sackhoff, Jordi Molla, Bokeem Woodbine, Dave Bautista, and more.

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