Revolution’s Final Animated Webisode Catches Up To The Show

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Despite the fact that we’re more than a month away from seeing new episodes of NBC’s Revolution, there has been no shortage of alternatives. To maintain interest in the highly rated freshman drama, the network has taken to the Internet in the form of a pair of webseries. The first is comprised of animated shorts based on the letters of Sergeant Wheatley (Reed Diamond), a member of the Monroe Militia who finds himself undercover in a rebel camp. That series wraps up today with the sixth, and final, episode. You’ll find the video for Wheatley’s Letters: September 15th embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

The longer he remains among the rebels, living as one of them, the deeper in Wheatley gets. He helps them raid Militia supply convoys, participates in their daily activities, and even tortures a captured Militia member for information. No wonder they never suspect him, because he’s willing to get his hands as dirty as anyone else in the game.

He talks about the resolve of insurgents. For a moment, he almost seems to admire their never-say-die spirit, but he quickly changes direction, saying they won’t give up because maggots don’t quit.

In this episode we get to the point where Wheatley’s life intersects the with the TV series. Miles, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), and company show up in the camp, but Wheatley recognizes them and leads them into an elaborate trap. This is necessarily the final installment, because, as viewers of Revolution will remember, the turncoat dies during his attempts to ensnare the fugitives.

As one series concludes today, NBC is launching a live-action prequel to take its place. The action sheds light on the post-blackout world of Revolution, and follows Captain Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) as he hunts for Miles Matheson (Billy Burke). We’ll have that one, too, when it hits.

Revolution returns to network television on Monday, March 25th.

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