Returning Soldier Has Star Wars Surprise For His Five-Year-Old Son

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

Regardless of your political leanings or personal philosophies, it’s a cold-hearted SOB who wouldn’t shed a tear or two at the sight of a soldier returning home to his family after a long deployment overseas. In recent years there have been many of these reunions, and with the wide reach of YouTube, quite a few of them have found their way online and earned a few minutes of internet fame. Col. Rob Kiebler was returning home from 14 months in Afghanistan serving in the Air Force, and like many returning soldiers, he wanted to surprise his son, five-year-old Danny. Rob also knew that Danny was a big-time Star Wars fan. So, Rob decided to enlist some local cosplayers, slip on a Jedi robe, and give Danny a surprise he’ll never forget.

The Force was clearly strong with Col. Kiebler. What Star Wars-loving kid wouldn’t thrill at the sight of his dad returning home, and as a Jedi to boot? Although I can’t approve of the co-mingling of Republic and Imperial forces. Somebody needs to nip that in the bud, stat.

Welcome home, Col., and thanks for your service.

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