Prometheus: Fire And Stone — Five Things You Need To Know About The Comic Sequel

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

WeylandThe Events of Prometheus Were Covered up by the Company
This shouldn’t be too surprising given the involvement of the notoriously shady Weyand-Yutani Corporation, but the harrowing fate of the original Prometheus expedition to LV-223 are not public knowledge. For instance, Peter Weyland (played in the film by Guy Pearce) is widely thought to have died and been buried on Earth — as opposed to being bludgeoned to death by a pissed-off engineer. The crew of this new voyage to LV-223 clearly knows nothing about the crazy events of Prometheus, assuming their job is as mundane as advertised: a salvage mission that’s being accompanied by a documentary crew covering the day-to-day experience of a deep-space mission. Again, this leaves plenty of room for Prometheus 2 to go wherever it needs to, and presumably whatever happens to Shaw and David, the Weyland-Yutani corporation either doesn’t know about it or is keeping a lid on that as well.

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