The Ping Pong Ball Death Star: You Can’t Repel Awesomeness Of This Magnitude

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

Every time I think I’ve seen the most impressive display of fanboy creativity, something comes along that floors me once again. We’ve seen Inception remade with Legos. We’ve seen Blade Runner rendered in watercolors. And now, we’ve got a ridiculously detailed Return of the Jedi-era Death Star made out of a friggin’ ping pong ball.

Pictures of the ping pong Death Star model were posted on a Japanese website, and since I can’t read Japanese we’ll have to trust Google’s spotty translation. Here’s what the creator, tatumaru5963, said about the intricate model (or at least what Google Translate says he said): “Things repeatedly cutting the ping-pong ball, plastic board was finely cut of 0.2, we reproduce the internal structure.” Well, there you have it.

Language barrier aside, the results are damned impressive. Check out this comparison pic to establish just how small all the parts involved are. Don’t get too close to the screen, though — it’s a trap!

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