Oblivion Gets Action-Heavy New TV Spot

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

As I’m sure you’re well aware, Tom Cruise’s latest film is the big-budget sci-fi action extravaganza Oblivion. By the time it hits theaters on April 19th, with a IMAX-exclusive release on April 12th, Obvlivion‘s trailers are sure to be bountiful To tide us over until the next one comes out, here’s Universal’s latest TV ad for the film, which features Cruise as one of the last humans on Earth, post-alien apocalypse, who discovers an underground world he never thought imaginable.

It’s pretty much a streamlined version of the theatrical trailer, replacing the quieter moments with more explosions and Tom Cruise wielding a big gun places before blasting off in his ship of orbs. There are a lot of orbs in this trailer, really, right down to the top of Cruise’s head in that Yankees cap. It’s a chilling moment when Morgan Freeman says, “They lied to you,” but I’m assuming the movie will feature far more CGI explosions than good dialogue.

It’s no surprise that the ad ran many times during the broadcasts of the NFL Championship games yesterday, seeing as how this version of Cruise — with a rugged cut across the bridge of his nose — is bound to attract more males than females, though the males will probably just be grumbling under their breath about how much they dislike Tom Cruise.

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