NBC Orders TV Pilot Based On The Comic Book The Sixth Gun

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Now that NBC has found success with their sci-fi drama Revolution, the Peacock Network is looking to expand their roster with more sci-fi and supernatural offerings. NBC has ordered a pilot based on the comic book The Sixth Gun, from Oni Press’ sister publishing company, Closed on Mondays. Lost showrunner Carlton Cuse will produce the new TV pilot.


From comic book writer Cullen Bunn & artist Brian Hurtt, The Sixth Gun takes place during the darkest days of the Civil War. Six pistols are the key to unlocking otherworldly powers. When an innocent girl comes into possession of the sixth gun, dark forces reawaken to claim her weapon. But a gunfighter with a shadowy past named Drake Sinclair is her only chance at survival.

EW.com reports the pilot will be produced by Carlton Cuse (Lost, The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.) and written by Ryan Condal (Hercules: The Thracian Wars). Eric Gitter and Andy Borne of Closed on Mondays will serve as the TV pilot’s executive producers.

If picked up, NBC will develop The Sixth Gun into a TV drama with hour-long episodes. Originally, The Sixth Gun was being developed for the SyFy Channel as a six-part miniseries, but because of the success of Revolution, NBC now thinks it can find a larger audience on network TV rather than cable.

The Sixth Gun was nominated for a handful of awards, including the Eisner Award for Best Writer and Harvey Award for Best New Series. You can read the first issue of The Sixth Gun for FREE at OniPress.com as part of Free Comics Day 2010.

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