Michael Bay Produced Time Travel Film Sounds A Lot Like Back To The Future Part II

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Often times in Hollywood, ideas are recycled, reused, or re-imagined. Nothing against the Hollywood studio system, but it feels like they want audiences to be at least familiar with the movies they’re making. But with the new Michael Bay-produced film, Almanac, it looks like it’s wearing its influences on its sleeve.

Almanac is the new time travel film from Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes production company. It was written by Andrew Stark and Jason Pagan, and will have Dean Israelite in the director’s chair. The style of the film will be akin to something like Chronicle, a science fiction found-footage film.

The good people at BleedingCool.com unearthed the premise of Almanac, which follows a teenager who travels through time and uses the sports scores found in an old sports almanac to his benefit. In detail:

The lead character, David, is a smart kid in high school but he’s finding dating hard. He’s drawn to Jessie, the typical popular girl, and decides that he’ll try to attract her by winning the science fair, and the college scholarship that will net him. Bless.

David’s late father was a scientist and so he looks through his Dad’s stuff for ideas – and he finds two things of note. One gives him the ability to time travel… and the other is a sports almanac. Anybody who has seen Back to the Future 2 can guess where this is headed.

Two more of David’s friends travel back through time with him to abuse the almanac. Timelines get messed with, we learn more about David’s Dad’s research and there’s apparently a couple of pretty big twists…

Does this sound familiar to you? Almanac really does sound like the premise of Back to The Future Part II, where Marty McFly buys a sports almanac in the future to benefit from its future information. This was a good premise in 1989, so why shouldn’t it work in 2013?

At the moment, there’s no telling when the film will be made or when it will be released, but if it uses the found-footage framing device well enough, maybe Almanac will be just as successful as Chronicle. Or maybe then Bay and his team can try to make a film based on the girly magazine, Oh LaLa.