Luke’s Change: The Destruction Of The Death Star Was An Inside Job

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

We all know the story of the first Death Star. A small group of Rebel pilots staged a bold attack against the massive Imperial station. They were wiped out by the Death Star’s turbolasers or Imperial Tie Fighters, except for one: a rookie pilot named Luke Skywalker. In spite of being a green recruit, this so-called Skywalker took advantage of a flaw in the Death Star’s design to launch a torpedo down a ventilation shaft, which kicked off a catastrophic sequence of events that destroyed the mightiest weapon in the Imperial fleet.

That’s what they told us happened. But what if it’s not the whole truth? Thankfully a brave soul has taken to YouTube to reveal the secrets the Empire and the Rebellion don’t want you to know. Because the destruction of the Death Star…could have been an inside job.

Luke’s Change is the creation of YouTuber Graham Putnam, and if you haven’t caught on yet, it’s a pitch-perfect parody of the 9/11 “Truther” video that first started circulating the internet back in 2005 or so. That film proposed the theory that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an inside job carried out by elements of the American government. It’s got tons of attention over the years, both from true believers who are convinced of its accuracy and skeptics eager to debunk it. There have been plenty of satirical riffs on the video over the years, but Luke’s Change is hands down the best one I’ve seen.

Aside from perfectly capturing the look and tone of Loose Change, Putnam’s version backs it up with actual aspects of the Star Wars movies that are amazingly coincidental in retrospect. I mean, what are the odds that Anakin Skywalker would build the droid that would later help transport the schematics for a space station that Anakin’s son would destroy, while Anakin himself was chasing Luke and trying to shoot him down? If I lived in the Star Wars universe, I’d demand an investigation into this whole shady sequence of events.

The truth is out there, people!