Lego Predator Ain’t Got Time To Bleed

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

I have one regret in life, and I have many, it’s that I’ll probably never get to hang out in the jungle with Lego versions of Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers. But one of the best aspects of the Internet is that it only takes a few minutes to find “the next best thing” in any given situation.

French-Canadian cinematographer Loïc F-B decided to remake John McTeirnan’s classic monster/action flick Predator, but instead of trashing the source material like a lot of recent remakes have been doing, this version uses Legos and stop-motion animation, so it’s automatically prestigious. Watch the clip below, and you may have trouble telling the difference between Lego Arnold and the real-life Arnold from your memory banks.

Yes, even with that horrifying cameo at the end, this was still more enjoyable than most of last year’s Total Recall. The worst part about it is the short running time. But since it’s only a minute long, maybe one of you out there would like to take a crack at topping it? But personally, I wouldn’t risk that on a broke-dick dog.

Beyond a slew of other well-crafted short films, Loïc F-B also recreated the opening sequence for the 1960s Batman TV show, as well as the following Forrest Gump clip, so hopefully he’s in this 59-second cinematic rehashing for the long haul. And if you think that Forrest Gump is a strange video choice for this site, wait for the strange dystopian ending and everything will become clear to you.