Katy Perry Still Dreams Of Electric Sheep

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Katy PerryJust in case you forgot, one bubblegum pop star still wants you to know that she’d like the opportunity to piss off sci-fi fans the world over by appearing in a sequel to one of the most beloved genre films of all time. Katy Perry—yes, the one who shoots fireworks out of her boobs in that one video—has stated for the record, again, that she really, really, really wants the part of Rachel, originally played by Sean Young, in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2, if and when such a film should be made.

This is apparently something Perry, the 28-year-old singer behind hits like “California Girls” and “Teenage Dream,” feels quite passionate about. Like I said, this isn’t the first time she’s mentioned this desire in a public forum. Most recently, while hyping Smurfs 2, the subject came up again. She’s just waiting for Scott to pick up the damn phone and call her already.

So far, Perry’s acting resume is relatively short. She has a couple guest spots on sitcoms like How I Met Your Mother and Raising Hope. By far, however, the highest profile roles she’s had are as a tiny, psychedelic-blue cartoon character, which, if you’ve seen any of her videos or listened to any of her music, seems oddly appropriate.

Talking to Metro about her career arc, she said, “With films, I hope to win you all over with animation and then do other films. I am really interested in comedy, and I would really love to play Rachel in Blade Runner 2, if [director] Ridley [Scott] would just call.”

Think she has a chance? More importantly, would you pull you hair out by the roots if she does manage to land the role and you have to watch her? Granted, Rachel is a replicant, a synthetic human, and what we’ve seen from Perry on screen is rather mechanical. But while Rachel may come off as cold, the whole point is that you, Deckard, and whoever else encounters her, believes that she is a real human being. On the plus side, she certainly looks the part. With dark hair and the right style, Perry looks a fair amount like 1982 Sean Young, and could pull off a smoldering femme-fatale type. At least until she opens her mouth. Is that enough to warrant casting her in what is sure to be one of the most anticipated movies in years? I’m going to assume most of you will probably say that it isn’t. That’s my stance, as well, and I don’t even mind Perry, I just don’t think she’s a good fit.

Hampton Fancher, who wrote the screenplay for the original Blade Runner took a crack at a sequel, and earlier this year it was announced that Michael Green, who wrote The Green Lantern, was hired to rewrite Fancher’s screenplay.

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