See Back To The Future’s Strange Swedish Movie Poster

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

BTTF Swedish movie posterOne of the most iconic and classic movies of the 1980s is Back To The Future. Today the film is seen as an important piece of 80s nostalgia and pop culture. By today’s standards, BTTF is an obvious winner, but how to convey that thrilling excitement in a movie poster? Well, the rare Swedish poster above showcases the film’s central dilemma.

The film’s Swedish tagline translates to “Talking to your parents is easy, as long as you don’t have to do it before you were even born,” which was different from the American tagline, “He was never in time for his classes . . .Then one day he wasn’t in his time at all.”

This movie poster is just strange. It looks like Back To The Future. That’s Marty McFly in a DeLorean time machine and that’s his father George McFly and his mother Lorraine Baines as teenagers, but it just looks like a cheap knockoff or the cover of a cheap bootleg DVD. And why would they drive passed each other?

It seems like Back To The Future would be a hard movie to market to an audience who has no idea what it’s about, but this poster just raises more questions than it answers. The American movie poster does a better job illustrating what the movie is about, or at least piquing your interest. Marty McFly steps out of the DeLorean time machine and looks bewildered at his watch, thus emphasizing the film’s time travel elements instead of its family angle. Perhaps that’s what the Swedish marketers were going for, by asking the question “what would you do if you met your parents as teenagers?” It just comes off as weird.

Check out the Back To The Future American movie poster below:


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